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Frequently Asked Questions…

Yes. We will come to your house and take measurements of the items we will be replacing (i.e. siding, windows, roof, etc.)
Nothing at all. Erdmann has all the necessary tools to prepare an estimate for you.
Nothing. Erdmann will contact you before your projects starts to ask any questions that pertain to your situation. For example, we might ask where the homeowner would like the materials placed, what side of the driveway will the dumpster be on (if needed), etc.
It is time to replace your windows if there is any rotting wood, draft problems, leaking into the interior, etc. Similar to siding, if there is any leaking in windows, the damage caused to the interior walls or framing may be extensive and cost more than planned. All of these items are important to watch, especially if leaking is occurring.
If there is any melting, paint peeling, cracks/holes, etc. in the siding, it may cause the sheeting on your home to become damaged or rotten, causing more of a problem.
Your roof will start to show signs of deterioration in fading of shingles, buckling, and leaking.
It’s important that your house remains sheltered away from nature. Cracks, holes, and even missing siding, leave your home exposed and may cause rotting, pest problems, etc. With new installation practices, siding is built to repel the elements and keep animals out of your home.
Erdmann will NEVER install siding over siding, no matter the material. Erdmann Exterior Design will always tear all layers of siding along with re-wrapping the exterior of your home before installing the new material.
Insulation board does not need to be installed except in the case of vinyl siding. With only a R-3 value in measurable insulation, insulation board will cost homeowners more than they will see in return. That being said, if a homeowner does choose to install vinyl siding, Erdmann suggests installing insulation board for stability.
The primary thing that Erdmann recommends to homeowners is to remove all hanging items off exterior facing walls. When installing, the vibration from the nail gun may cause items on walls to fall off and possibly become damaged. Other things to be aware of are nail popping and drywall dust settlement, which may occur during re-siding.
There are many reasons why it is good for a homeowner to replace there siding. For 8 years straight, replacing siding on your home has been the number one return on investment of all home improvement measures.
Yes, but with limited siding products. Our top selling product, Hardie Board, is made to expand and contract less that 1/16 of an inch allowing crews to install in the winter. The crews may have to come back in the spring to touch up any items that require a temperature above freezing for installment. The only time crews may not work is if it is raining, snowing, or is a temperature below 15 degrees.
There are many variables that can go into the cost of re-siding a house, so there is not a set cost per square footage. The free estimate we provide will be calculated during the second meeting we schedule.
Erdmann will NOT install shingles over existing shingles. Doing so would make the shingles more susceptible to leaking, improper attachment to the home, and many other problems. Instead, we will tear off all layers of roofing and properly install your new shingles.
Yes, ventilation in the attic ensures that the air in your home has proper circulation and that there is no mold or mildew buildup.
The time the job will take depends on the size and detail involved with your project. A project can last anywhere from a day to 4 weeks. Once the contract has been solidified, Erdmann will be able to give a more accurate estimate on length of project. Variables that may change the length may include weather, existing problems, and added requests by homeowner.
Erdmann has been in business in the greater Chciagoland area for 30 years, starting all the way back in 1983 when Owner Kevin Erdmann first opened up his construction company. Over the years Erdmann has grown to be a preferred contractor of some of the industry’s leading brands, receiving consistent outstanding reviews.
With Erdmann’s experienced team members, we will always give the homeowner suggestions in helping with design and detail. Depending on the size of the project, Erdmann will provide multiple options for the homeowner to review, and ultimately choose, to transform their home.
Just like design, Erdmann will make suggestions for colors. This may range from one color on a house to four colors on a house.

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