security doorsHomeowners commonly lock their doors when they leave the home, but a deadbolt won't always keep out determined thieves. Old windows with frames that aren't too sturdy and doors that are warped and hanging a little off-kilter are prime spots for thieves to try and break into a home.

Even if your residence isn't in an area with a lot of crime, renovation or replacement of your home's access points is a vital security enhancement to consider.

According to the most recent statistics from the FBI, there were almost 9 million property crimes reported in the united states in 2012. Of those statistics, the FBI stated:

Property crimes in 2012 resulted in losses estimated at $15.5 billion.
With so many burglaries happening around the country each year, security doors and windows for the home are something to consider. If you're looking to renovate or replace your windows or doors, look at secure designs.

Secure Windows Don't Need Bars

A sure sign of a dangerous neighborhood is one where all the homes have bars on the windows on the ground floor, but bars look terrible and may even present a danger to the occupants of a home if emergency egress is required during a fire or other emergency.

New windows and doors that hang securely in their frames are one of the best methods for improving the security of your home. Old windows that have glass panes that break easily, and doors that have old, rickety locks provide nearly zero protection against even the most novice thieves.

Making it Tough for Thieves to Enter

Common features on the average home often represent ways for thieves to get into your home without putting a lot of effort into the act, so the following features need to be used with care: Pet doors: It's important to make sure these doors are locked and secure if nobody's home. Considering finding a pet sitter if Ralph the bulldog needs a bathroom break while you're away for work. If you have a security system, make sure it recognizes when the pet door operates. Doors with large glass panes: Gorgeously etched windows next to the door or panes that sit inside the door offer thieves a simple way to smash the glass and unlock the door. Make sure the glass in your door isn't right next to the doorknob or is particularly thick and unlikely to break. Thick foliage and landscaping: A beautiful line of shrubs will enhance the look of your home, but also make it easier for thieves to enter without detection. Place large bushes and thickly landscaped plants with care.

Further Security of the Home & Family

After you've chosen your new doors and windows, you may also choose a variety of smart behaviors to ensure your renovation project was a valuable investment. For example, the simple act of keeping the garage door closed when you're away from the home is a highly effective method for reducing "crimes of opportunity." According to the Chicago Sun-Times, many crimes occur as the result of "crimes of opportunity." These crimes only happen because the criminal saw an easy opportunity to engage in a theft or other crime.
We receive bulletins from all over the region and all over the state that alert us to different types of crimes that have taken place… We’ve noticed an increase in this kind of opportunistic theft.
From simple purse snatchings, to thefts from vehicles to daytime burglaries, crimes of opportunity run rampant when people are distracted and fail to take security seriously. Remember:
  • Keep doors and windows locked whether anyone is home or not
  • Keep the garage door closed unless it's necessary to have it open
  • Avoid routine behaviors that make it easy for thieves to know when you're gone
A thick security door on the front of a home won't be very effective if you leave the garage door open each afternoon where entry into the home requires nothing more complicated than picking the lock to the interior garage door.

Want to Improve Your Home's Security?

Does that rickety, old front door make you nervous? Do your ancient, crooked windows look like a thief's best friend?

If you need help with your exterior renovation, contact Erdmann Exterior Designs Ltd for a Free in Home Consultation to find out how we can help you improve your home's security and your family's safety.