new roofReplacing a roof certainly falls under the heading of "major renovation," and it's a decision that no homeowner comes to lightly. Most homeowners will try to use other solutions like repairing part of the roof or replacing half of it, but whatever strategy you choose will offer several opportunities to save money and ensure your roof is a long-lasting feature of your home.

Figuring Out if You Need a Roof

A visit from a roofing contractor is the easiest way to determine whether you need a new roof, but you've got a few simple options for figuring out whether a call to a contractor is necessary.

Obviously, if you poke your head into the attic and notice that sunlight streams through your roof into the space, a new roof might be on the menu. However, the climate where you live and the type of roof currently installed on your home might also influence the type of work you need for your roof.

According to insurance website Homesite, the color of your roof may indicate the need for attention.

The most obvious sign of roof failure is continuous and growing leaks. Less obvious, but just as incriminating, are changes in the texture or color of your shingles.
Take a walk around your house from ground level (the safest place to inspect your roof as a non-professional) and take note of the following issues:
  • Do the shingles appear deteriorated, misshapen, or warped?
  • Are there water streaks on the walls of your home?
  • Have wet spots appeared on the interior ceilings?
Also, take a look inside your gutters. You should be cleaning those vital water highways on a regular basis, and taking note of what's inside those gutters is essential. Do you notice little particles of asphalt and bits of shingles in the gutters? Your roof might have hit the end of its lifespan where the shingles have decided to disintegrate.

Do you have a traditional shingled roof that's over 25 years old? You're probably pushing it for your roof's lifespan unless you've been particularly proactive in maintenance and upkeep. It's easy to forget about the roof for a few years until things start to go awry with loose shingles and leaks.

Saving Money on Your New Roof

When you decide to get your roof replaced, you may be surprised to find out that certain building codes have come into effect that weren't in play when your roof was originally installed. For example, some locations have banned the use of certain types of roofing materials. Replacement of such roofs is limited to a small percentage of the roof each year or complete replacement with a different roofing material.

As long as your roof is still functional, and the interior of your home isn't being impacted by inclement weather, large holes, and structural issues, you can try to time your roof replacement to occur during the off-season. Sometimes you can get a discount if you get your roof replaced when your contractor isn't booked solid for the season.

You'll also want to read your roofing contract from top to bottom. Your contractor should spell out everything expected of the contract from timelines to materials to cost. Your contractor wants to give you a beautiful roof because he relies upon the positive recommendations you'll make to your friends after the installation is complete. Read your contract to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion during the roof replacement process.

Making Your Roof Last

One of the reasons health plans today come with preventative care is that it makes things less expensive down the road. The same is true about roof inspections. An inspection and minor repair today may allow you to put off fully replacing your roof for a few extra years.

Don't ignore your roof. The small price of a yearly inspection is much less than the cost of a completely new roof or a minor repair of a leak.

Looking for a Long-Lasting, Beautiful New Roof?

Has your roof seen better days? Are you worried about whether your roof can take another Great Lakes winter? If you need help with your new roof, contact Erdmann Exterior Designs Ltd for a Free in Home Consultation to find out how we can help you repair, replace, or recover your roof.