At Erdmann Exterior Designs, we partner with homeowners who have all types of issues with their roofing in Arlington Heights and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, many of our customers only come to us after they have recognized a potentially major upset in their roofing structure. It's a common occurrence with homeowners everywhere. All too often, homeowners forget to maintain and care for their roofing in Arlington Heights, until there is a problem that can't be ignored. It is only when a major compromise has been identified do they feel like they should call our professional team of roofing contractors for help.


Look For Compromises To Your Residential Roofing


Here at Erdmann Exterior Designs, we encourage our customers to proactively care for and maintain their residential roofing, without actually getting up on the roof, of course. Familiarizing yourself with the current condition of your roofing structure can ensure that you quickly notice if something looks amiss. A simple evaluation of the condition of your roof can make a major difference in its overall lifespan.


When evaluating your home to see if you may need replacement roofing in Arlington Heights, look for telltale signs, such as:

Roofing Arlington Heights Visible Leaking: Watermarks can often mean that your roofing in Arlington Heights needs repair and/or replacement. Some leaking is very apparent, making it impossible not to notice. However, some leaking is so miniscule that it can often go undetected until it is too late. Check in your attic for water leak indicators or even inspect your ceiling space for moisture to know if there are comprises in the roofing structure.


Rotten Boards And Shingles: Have you noticed your roof sagging and drooping in various spots? Are some of the boards and shingles actually rotting? Rot can cause major deterioration and eventually damage that can only be fixed with replacement roofing in Arlington Heights.


Green, Mossy Growth: If it looks like plants are actually growing on your shingles, you could have moisture trapped under the surface. If left unattended, this moisture can cause rot, mold and algae.


Irregular Temperatures: What is another major indicator that you need replacement roofing in Arlington Heights? Finding yourself struggling to keep the temperature consistent in various rooms throughout the house. If a compromise has occurred you may find yourself loosing cooled air in the summer and heated air in the winter. Not only will you find it difficult to maintain room temperature, you may also notice your utility bills going up.


Partner With Erdmann Exterior Designs For Your Roofing Needs


If you are worried about the condition of your roofing in Arlington Heights, Erdmann Exterior Designs can help. We partner with our clients to evaluate the current condition of their roof structure. From there, we can create a strategic solution that repairs and replaces the compromised areas throughout your roof. Our skilled, licensed, and experienced contractors can give you the peace of mind you deserve in regards to the integrity of your roofing in Arlington Heights. Still have questions? Contact us today and schedule your free initial consultation now!