Residential windows deliver a multitude of functions and advantages. They allow the outside inside visually; however, they also keep Mother Nature out as needed. Not only do windows offer extensive functional value, they also offer a wide range of aesthetic advantages as well. No matter what your specific preference for windows in Arlington Heights, you can easily find a perfect style fit for your interior and exterior.


Awnings: A Great Choice For Windows In Arlington Heights


When you're ready to choose the right windows for your home, you may find yourself deciding between two specific options: casements and awnings. While both offer some impressive features and benefits, many homeowners find that there is a lot that they do not know about awnings until they start doing their research. The first thing they notice is that awnings differ from casements in one major way: how they open. Casements open up; however awnings use hinges at the top to open outward.


Important Features/Benefits Of Awning Windows In Arlington Heights


Beyond how they open, awning windows in Arlington Heights offer additional benefits that you may not know. Choosing awning windows in your home offers:


Extensive Ventilation: Opening out allows awning windows to deliver extensive ventilation throughout any living space.


Natural Lighting: Because you can place this window style higher up on the wall, you have the chance to let in even more natural light when compared to other window options.


Increased Privacy: Additionally, placing the windows higher on walls means you can enjoy all the natural light you need without sacrificing privacy in a specific room. Windows Arlington Heights More Wall Space: Finally, placing your awnings up high means you can increase the total amount of wall space you have for painting and decorating.


Protection Against Weather: Once again, having windows that open out has its advantages; this window style offers a completely weather-tight design. You can even open them during a rainstorm without worrying about moisture creeping inside.


Superior Insulation Seal: Not only do awnings keep the rain out, their insulation seal can also protects against drafts and winds permeating into the space when they are closed.


Trendy Look: Yes, function is important; however, aesthetics also plays a major role when choosing windows in Arlington Heights. You will love the fresh, modern style touted by these windows. You will easily find a final look that complements your home's interior and exterior design.


Find The Best Contractor For Your Window Installation


Are you ready to move forward with your window installation? Once you've decided that awnings will complete you residential look, you should find a reputable contracting team to manage your installation. At Erdmann Exterior Designs, we offer a qualified team of licensed and experienced contracting veterans to manage all of our installation projects. Best of all, we offer an impressive inventory of top quality windows in Arlington Heights so you can find the right style for your home. Want to hear more? Contact the team at Erdmann Exterior Designs today!