Fall Maintenance Tips From An Arlington Heights Window Company

Here in Chicagoland, the winter heating season is responsible for the majority of a household's annual energy bill. Everyone is always looking for ways to cut costs and save a little money on those heating bills. Invariably, you'll hear that replacing your older windows with newer ones will slash your heating bill and keep the house more comfortable year round. But what if you're not in the market for new windows? Are there actions you can take that will boost your windows' performance?

The short answer is YES! And our Arlington Heights window company is here to share a few of those tips with you.

Maintenance Tips And Actions You Can Take To Prep Windows For Winter

Arlington Heights window companyProper installation of windows is important to their long-term performance but so is routine maintenance. Regular maintenance keeps windows performing well and your home sealed tight. It can also keep you apprised of any problems that may be developing. Fall is the perfect time for window maintenance, so it can be done before Old Man Winter arrives.

Here Are Five Of The Top Actions You Can Take To Make Sure Your Windows Are Winter Ready:

  1. Clean The Sills. The sills and any moving part of the window are magnets for dirt, sand, and debris. Even the smallest of obstructions can affect the seal on the window and lead to performance issues down the road. Take some time to clean the sills and any moving parts with a dust cloth, vacuum, or dry paintbrush to remove these obstructions and improve the seal.
  1. Weatherstrip. Weatherstripping is important for keeping a tight seal around the edges of the window frame. Check your weatherstripping every year and replace worn or missing pieces around windows and doors. Even the smallest of cracks can cause big air leaks. While you're at it, check the doors. One common area where weatherstripping fails is sliding glass doors. Years of use can wear down the weatherstripping barrier. You can find weatherstripping at any home improvement store, especially in the fall.
  1. Caulk. Hand-in-hand with weatherstripping is caulking. Where weatherstripping is more rigid, caulk is meant to be flexible so that it can expand and contract with the temperature, but over time it wears out. Our Arlington Heights window company pros recommend checking the caulk around windows and doors at least once a year and resealing as needed to help reduce drafts and heat loss through the cracks.
  1. Add Blinds Or Shades. Here's a case where form meets function. Insulating blinds or shades can improve energy efficiency by creating a barrier between the window and the rest of the home. Snap-in blinds and shades can be easily removed once the weather warms up or they can be left in place all year to provide protection from the sun or added privacy. Might as well enhance your décor while you're improving your home's efficiency, right?
  1. Make Repairs. It goes without saying that if you have a broken window or one that isn't operating properly; you should fix it so it performs at its maximum capacity. Windows that do not slide or sit properly in their track are leaking air. Look inside and outside the home for areas of wear or deterioration, particularly around wooden framing. Chipped paint, normal wear and tear, or even woodpeckers can damage the wood frame, which can affect how well the window prevents heat loss.

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