Five Steps To Finding A Qualified Roofer In Palatine

Your residential roof plays a major role in the functionality of your home. When properly installed and maintained, the roof on your house acts as a temperature regulator and bad weather barrier to keep everyone you love safe and comfortable at all times. When you need a roofer in Palatine, you must find one that you can trust. However, the search for a skilled roofer in Palatine feel like a challenge; with so many firms touting industry expertise, how can you find someone you can trust?

When you need a residential roofer in Palatine, know what to look for in a qualified provider to make your search as seamless as possible. Look for these five key indicators that a roofing firm has the skills and qualifications you will need for a job well done:


When sourcing a roofer in Palatine, you will always want to ask about their insurance coverage. If a particular provider doesn't carry insurance, you will want to move on quickly. Why? Because if worker gets injured on a job site and the contracting firm doesn't carry insurance, the homeowner is responsible. This can prove a major liability for any homeowner. Ask potential providers if they have current insurance coverage to avoid getting caught up in a workers' compensation situation should anything happen during the project.

Roofer PalatineEstablished Business Location

An established location is major indicator that an organization has staying power and they won't disappear with your deposit once you've cut the check. When screening prospective providers, ask about their business address, phone number and tax identification number to know you have found a legitimate organization.

License And Permits

Licensure is a must when sourcing a skilled and experienced roofer in Palatine. When interviewing potential candidates, you will also want to ask about specific manufacturer training that the team has received. Additionally, you will always want to inquire about a team's ability to obtain permits to ensure that your project meets all necessary codes and regulations.

Manufacturer Guarantees

All top quality products will come with various manufacturer warranties. Working with a provider that offers these guarantees means that they have the talent and training to properly install the product you choose for your home.

Client References

Finally, always ask each vendor to provide a list of references. These previous customers will offer invaluable insight on what you can expect when working with a specific contracting team. When checking these references, don’t just ask about final results; also inquire about timeliness showing up every morning, professionalism throughout the project, and even how clean they kept the worksite, a.k.a. your home. Additionally, always ask how closely the provider came to the initial agreed upon budget and if there were any unexpected costs that could have been avoided.

Following these important tips can help you weed through the seemingly endless list of potential providers and give you the information you will need to pinpoint the best vendor for your specific needs. Want to hear more? Contact Erdmann Exteriors today.