Window Replacement In Wheaton: 8 Telling Signs It's Time

A window replacement in Wheaton may not rank high on your current home improvement priority list. However, when your home starts to show signs of needing new windows, waiting can prove a costly mistake. Stay on top of your game when it comes to the windows in your home. Look for these telling signs that you need a window replacement in Wheaton: Drafts Throughout The House

What is one key indicator that you may need a window replacement in Wheaton? You suddenly start noticing drafts throughout your house. Over time, the integrity of the units can begin to deteriorate, allowing cold air in during the winter, cooler air out in the summer.

High Energy Bills

Have you started to notice your energy bills creeping up recently? Drafts from your old window units could be the cause. New, energy-efficient windows can instantly reduce your monthly bills while keeping your home a more comfortable, consistent temperature.

Corroded Frames

Overtime, even top quality windows will begin to show signs of age and wear and tear. The frames on the units can start to breakdown and decay. If the frames have begun to break down and/or the caulking has corroded, you may be a candidate for a window replacement in Wheaton.

window replacement WheatonVisible Damage To Glass

The frames aren't the only components that may deteriorate overtime; you may also start to see visible damage to the panes as well. Visible cracks and other damage means you will want to move forward with a repair or replacement.


Do you feel like your windows just aren't shutting/fitting in their frame properly? As these units age and your house begins to settle, they may start to warp and lose their effectiveness. A replacement project will eliminate the warped, older systems and get your units working like new again.

Unwelcome Pests

As the wood and framing starts to break down, it can prove a gateway for all kinds of pests to make their way into your home. Once they have found their way in, it's extremely difficult to get rid of them. Also having clean windows and a recurring home cleaning service in Wheaton is a good idea to keep pests away. Changing out your windows will reinforce the seals and keep pests where they belong: outside.

Increased Audio

Pests aren't the only unwanted things that can make their way inside your home through faulty units; you may also start to notice noises from outside creeping inside, even when you have your windows closed tight. A compromised window will provide little barrier between you and everything going on outside.

Internal Noises

It's not just outside noises that indicate your windows need some attention. Many homeowners will notice that the windows themselves make noises whenever they get opened or closed. Rattling can mean warping and will prevent the units from working efficiently.

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