Don't Let It Go: Siding Contractors In Deerfield Can Fix Winter Damage All Year Long

Winters in Chicagoland are harsh. Winds, rain, snow, ice, and the freeze-thaw cycle can wreck havoc on a home's exterior. In most situations, your home is well protected from these weather conditions by your siding, but if the siding gets damaged and the problem is not taken care of, a minor annoyance can turn into a major problem.

A lot of homeowners think that siding contractors in Deerfield close up shop in the winter, but that's not true. Most siding professionals will work all year-round, including the team at Erdmann Exterior Designs. After every major storm check your siding and roof for damage or missing pieces. Identifying these damaged areas early is crucial to protecting your home from sustaining further damage that goes deeper into the interior of the home.

If you do find damage, contact a professional and have them examine the situation up close. Some problems can be patched and will hold over until spring, some require only minor repairs, and some will require immediate action.

Winter Damage Problemssiding contractors in Deerfield

The biggest problem with winter storm damage is exposure. Anytime a piece of siding is damaged or ripped off of the house, it creates an entry point for moisture. Moisture is your home's worst enemy. Even a sliver can let enough water, snow, or ice in to penetrate walls, ceilings, and basements. Water damage is ugly to look at, but the bigger concern in these situations is mold. All mold needs to take hold is moisture, oxygen, and something grow on, like your home's wood framing or inside wall cavities.

To head off moisture problems before they start, inspect the following areas and make repairs, if necessary.

  • Suspect areas of the roof include: missing, torn, or loose shingles and metal flashing around vents, chimneys, and wall joints. If possible, look in the attic to check for leaks or water damage. If you have ice dams, have them removed and take steps to prevent them from forming, like adding air intake vents or ridge vents to the roof.
  • Gutters And Downspouts. These can pull away from the home during heavy snows or gusty winds. They are especially vulnerable to damage from ice dams and can even cause ice dams to form in some severe cases. The good news is, with Chicago's frequent freeze-thaw cycles, you should be able to keep the gutters relatively clear of snow and ice to help prevent ice dams and moisture from backing up under the eaves.
  • Look for loose, missing, or damaged siding. Strong winds have been known to shear vinyl siding right off the house and hail and ice can create dents, dings, and in severe cases, holes in the siding.
  • Windows And Doors. Check the seals and caulk around your doors and windows. Old caulk can become brittle and crack over time. Seals become loose and break off or let in water or wind. Pay special attention to the tracks inside the window where condensation occurs. This gives mold a chance to take root.

Arrange An Inspection By Our Siding Contractors In Deerfield

If you have noticed water damage inside your home or see obvious signs of exterior damage to your roof, siding, windows, or doors, contact Erdmann Exterior Designs at 1-847-357-9607. We perform work in all types of weather, so don't let our Chicago winter prevent you from making a call to protect your home!