What's In The Glass? Window Replacement In Palatine

If you have started to look into window replacement in Palatine, you've undoubtedly noticed that there are a lot of choices out there. We've devoted a few blogs to the different styles of windows, different window materials, and even

The glass in windows used to be just that, one single pane of glass. Not anymore. Glass and the glass used in windows, in particular, have been engineered to improve energy efficiency. With that improved efficiency come terms and ratings that you need to understand to make an informed decision for window replacement on a Palatine home.

Common Glass Terms Relating To Replacement Windowswindow replacement in Palatine

  • Double-Paned, Triple-Paned. The number of panes refers to the number of pieces of glass in the window. Old windows use to have just one pane of glass. Then, you'd add storm windows every winter to mitigate heat loss. Now, windows are factory made with two panes, so you never have to deal with storm windows again. Some windows also have three panes. Dual or triple panes provide insulating properties because they have trapped gasses between the panes. This trapped gas helps reduce heat loss by providing a barrier between the internal temperature of the home and the outside temperature. In general, the more panes a window has, the more insulating it will be.
  • Low-E Coating. These special coatings are applied to the glass. They are invisible to our eyes but prevent over 80% of the sun's UV rays from entering the home. This helps keep heat out in the summer and in during the winter. It also helps protect interiors and furnishings from sun damage and fading.
  • Argon Gas. Dual and triple-paned replacement windows do not have oxygen trapped in between the panes. It's a gas, usually argon. These "gas fills" increase the thermal efficiency of the windows. Argon moves slower than oxygen, which allows for less convection or heat transfer through the window. Argon is a safe, non-toxic, inert gas that improves the efficiency of windows by up to 67% when compared to oxygen.
  • Krypton Gas. Yes, there really is a gas called krypton. In this case, it's not Superman's home planet, but another gas that is used to provide insulating value in windows. It has many of the same characteristics as Argon, but it's more expensive to produce, so you might not see too many products that have krypton. But if you do, rest assured it isn’t a joke and probably means you've found a very efficient window.

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