Choosing the exterior color for your house is a HUGE decision. It is by far the largest single part of your home and if you do it correctly it is going to cost you a pretty penny. With so many options that come to color, material and brand the combinations are endless! We've narrowed it down to make your decision that much easier.

Where Do You Start?

Start looking for inspiration all around you. Take pictures of houses in your neighborhood that you like, peruse Houzz or Pinterest, you can even play around with colors and trim with our Design Center. Think about the architectural style of your house too, that will help narrow down your choices.

Paint the Town Red...or Whatever Color You WantRed Exterior Color

Red is not for the faint of heart that's forsure. Energetic and lively, a red exterior color is most closely associated with farm houses and barns. The color works with new structures as well. If you are working with a rather tall structure it would be best to break up the vibrance with a neutral colored base such as stone or brick. Yellow for your whole exterior color can be kinda scary. It works best with Tuscan-style villas. Yellow works best with contrasting details such as dark wood trim. Bright details add a whimsical aspect too.

Trying to Stay Neutral

Brown might seem like a cop out choice. Brown exteriors don't need to be boring. There is a plethora of shades ranging from beige to chocolate. Since brown is a neutral it is the perfect back drop for a fun accent color like forest green or clean white. Dark brown with white trim is the classic route, for a more muted look go with a more taupe brown and a cream trim. Historic Victorian ExteriorOh boy more neutrals! Like brown, gray has a large range of colors making it a great fit for most styles. Grays come in warm and cool tones that means they literally match with everything ????.

The color gray is different than most, it can be used as a solid or a semitransparent. When using the semitransparent the grain of the wood is allowed to shine through creating a more interesting exterior. It is also hella easy to tint a gray. You'll be surprised how different the color would look with a little bit of green or blue added to it.

White is such a classic exterior color. It works with all building types, much like gray. White gives off the illusion of cleanliness and purity. It also stands out the most when nestled around super lush landscaping. A home with a white exterior makes it look larger is works best with modest sized homes because it makes them seem larger. White is a great choice for your exterior color if you are want to see tons of detail on your house. This is a double edged sword. You will see EVERY imperfection too.

We are Going to Get Funky

What if you truly can not decide? Use all of the color of course! Using loud color schemes is not a new concept. The trend started in the late 19th century. With these large, originate Victorians are a sight to see. Each detail a different color so that they stand out. This is the type of exterior where anything goes. Personally I liked the muted color schemes of the Painted Ladies in San Fran.  If you are feeling wacky look at this one! This type of exterior color scheme really only works with certain types of homes so proceed with caution.

PS: Here are some pics of my dream house... just cause.

Traditional Exterior
Cape Point - Sancturary