Northfield Before and AfterMany homeowners assume that the roots of a large tree can grow right through the foundation of the home when they grow too large. Conventional wisdom often suggests you should plant trees well away from the foundation of the home to avoid problems in the future.

In fact, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors reveals that tree roots don't actually grow right through your foundation.

"Contrary to popular belief, InterNACHI has found that tree roots cannot normally pierce through a building's foundation."
InterNACHI does reveal, however, that roots can prove problematic if you have other problems with your home.

For example, a root can penetrate the foundation if there is already an existing crack. Additionally, roots that grow under the foundation can lift it upward, and roots can also take water from the surrounding ground and cause shifting with the foundation.

Take the BEFORE/AFTER image (in the upper right section of this post) of an exterior remodeling project we did in Northfield, IL. We removed the small tree for several reasons, but anytime we see a tree that size so close to a home, roots are a concern that we need to evaluate.

Safe Placement for Trees in Your Landscaping

It is possible to coexist with large trees on your property as long as they're placed in a good area. Tree safety is easily handled by remembering to do the following tasks:
  • Clean the gutters regularly. A tree can clog your gutters and allow water to damage your foundation. Clean the gutters each season.
  • Remove broken trees. An old tree that's structurally unsound may collapse in bad weather. Remove them from your property.
  • Eliminate leaky pipes. A leaking pipe under your home can encourage root growth toward the leak. Fix leaks so roots aren't encouraged to grow toward the pipes.
  • Trim the trees yearly. Maintain your trees with the help of a landscaper and ensure your home isn't in danger from falling branches.

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