new windowsReplacing windows may help cut down on the drafts that get into your home in the winter, and they can also create dramatic change for the exterior of your home, particularly when paired with updated siding. From color choice and siding to window style and size, your exterior remodeling update can make it appear as though an entirely new home was just constructed on your property.

New Windows & Siding: A Case Study

Take the example of a serviceable yet dated home that looked its age with tired brown siding and old windows. Reminiscent of a home built in the 1970s or 1980s, the ill-fitting shutters and plain glass reduced the innate charm of the home, especially when paired with the large expanse of brown that covered the entire façade of the house.

Updating the home included using gorgeous new James Hardie siding in the subtle color of Monteret Taupe and upgrading to Beechworth Windows throughout. Gone were the tiny, dated shutters and old glass and in their place were crisp, white window frames and beautiful new glass.

Likewise, the old brown of the faded siding was eliminated in favor of a vibrant yet subtle shade of siding in taupe, which is a warm, inviting color that sits between gray and brown. Put together, the new windows and siding, as well as the updated portico design, breathed life into a functional yet worn-out home exterior.

Choosing New Windows for Your Home

New windows can create a dramatic impact on the look and functionality of your home. Old windows can allow cold air to enter your home in the winter and allow cool air to escape in the summer. Updating your windows may have a very positive impact on your electricity bills, as well as on the appearance of your home.

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