new sidingA variety of elements come together to create the architectural theme of your home, and the window style, siding or brick color, as well as the exterior hardware may create impressive change, particularly in the case of a top-to-bottom remodel. However, it doesn't take replacing absolutely everything to create a dramatic update to your home.

Seeing New Siding in Action

Take the case of a home we updated (see before/after picture on the right) that featured white siding but suffered from too much of one color. From the beige brick to the white siding and the white window frames, the home was amorphous and without a defined style. Using consistent colors can create a pleasing façade, but too much of one thing (color) may also create a big, blank canvas that doesn't have a unique style.

By replacing the large expanse of white siding with the warm color of "Timberbark" by James Hardie Siding and completing the transformation with trim in the color of "Navajo beige," the house was transformed from drab and faceless to warm, inviting, and impressive.

Choosing a New Color for Your Siding

If you're considering siding replacement with Erdmann Exteriors, one of the exciting parts of the project is choosing a new color. Some homeowners choose to stick with the same color but go with a different shade. For example, a home with light blue siding might see a dramatic update with new siding in royal blue. Refresh your home's appearance with new siding, and give it a fresh personality with a new color, too.

Need New Siding? Work with Erdmann Exteriors

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