Why Hardie? James Hardie siding is fiber cement siding and has been the leader in the industry when it comes to durability. The product is also aesthetically beautiful. This customers dream was to always have a colonial style home with a big front porch and cedar shake siding. OSB or wood-composite siding has a tendency to expand, buckle, crack and mold when repeatedly exposed to precipitation. Hardie products are engineered to not only survive the elements but thrive in them. When cedar starts to warp and the color starts to fade Hardie stands strong when it comes to color. With the James Hardie's added benefit of ColorPlus® Technology—a baked-on color option that resists fading. We were able to snag some Color Plus® gray siding for this homeowner before it was even on the market. Perks of being in the contractors alliance am I right? The homeowner has even told us that not only did the construction exceed what her expectations were, but she finally is proud when friends come over as she is not the “ugly” house on the block anymore.

Pro Remodeler Hardie Shingle in Aged Pewter Hardie Shingle in Aged Pewter

We received a phone call from these homeowners "We just built the home and the siding is already starting to fall off and needs to be replaced".  When the home was built, the homeowner was the first house in the subdivision to go up and was given the option to either use cedar or James Hardie on her house.  She chose cedar because she believed it was the premium product.  James Hardie siding is not only less expensive than cedar,  but when there’s a fire, James Hardie siding is better at withstanding damage, while wood literally goes up in flames. This homeowner opted to put Hardie Shingle siding on the front of her home to achieve the Cape Cod look. Hardie Shingles give you the look of cedar shake without the maintenance... who else here hates painting? ? As a design element shingles add architectural interest to a home. The shingle looks gives your home more character.

Pro Remodeler Aged Pewter Hardie Board Siding Aged Pewter Hardie Board Siding

We chose this house for the ProRemodeler design award because of the interesting story behind it. The ProRemodeler design awards happen every year but this is our first year entering and we couldn't be more excited! We are judged on four categories; construction quality, creativity, design/aesthetic appeal, problem solving. This project certainly gave us enough material for the problem solving portion of the contest. When the home owner chose cedar, the product was hacked apart, installed poorly, and not done to last and the builder has since gone out of business leaving her helpless. The builder also didn't provide her with any design options to really customize her home and make it her own. Creativity and design appeal go hand in hand here at Erdmann. We are interested in producing cookie cutter houses. The design part is the fun part so why not give the homeowner options? We like to give the client options to make sure that they are completely satisfied with our work. We are really excited to share this project with the ProRemodeler team. Fingers crossed we win! We find out in September. Wish us luck!