Picking the color scheme for your house is hard sometimes. So many options! Do you want traditional? Do you want on trend? There are so many choices and so many factors to take into account. What is the style of your home? Do you plan on changing the siding or brick color in the future? We offer painting services so if you don't want to tackle the project yourself. If you are more of a DIYer sign up for our newsletter for all of the helpful tips to paint your door like a pro! We've also made a Pinterest Board with even more ideas to spark your creativity!


Reds: If you have or want a red door you are the life of the party. Back in the day, a red door meant that the dwelling was a hospitable home. An attention grabbing red goes hand in hand with entertaining.

Red This read is bursting with color like all of the seasons fresh tomatoes. Spicy Hue SW6342Red 2 This berry hued red does for your home what a great shade of lipstick does for your face. Red Bay SW 6321Burgandy This burgundy is a rich as the wine it is named for. Burgundy SW 6300

Blues: The color blue is often associated with the tranquility of the sea. People who choose blue are sure of themselves and well grounded. Blue can either be treated as a neutral or a pop of color depending on what undertone

blue 1 Robin's Egg Blue is not the first blue when people think of when discussing door colors. But this picture is proof that maybe it should be. Tranquil Blue 2051-50Blue 2 There is no gray here in this vibrant cobalt blue. Imagine how striking it would be against white siding. Gentleman's Gray 2062-20Navy Navy is a power color, it commands respect. This color on a door shows that the person who lives here is in control of their lives. Dignified SW 6538

Greens: Green means money, a green door means the person who lives there is a motivated individual who strives to better themselves. Green also signifies life so chances are the homeowner has a lush garden in the back yard.This

green 3 Love this Chartreuse door. Such an unexpected pop of color.  Crushed Oregano 6007-6Cgreen 2 This intricate glass design goes perfectly with this vibrant Kelly Green. Putting Green 6004-8BGreen A deep hunter green is a safe bet if you want a pop of color but nothing too intense Beauti-Tone: Green Conifer Hills 5141EC

Neutrals: A white door indicates a clean organized home whereas a gray door is an indecisive choice. A combination of white and black you acknowledge both sides of an argument. A black door also indicates order with a simple elegance, everything has a proper place within this home.

Traditional Estate Home Renovation/Addition White on white is perfect on this cottage house Norwood Atrium WhiteGray A cool tone gray works best when painting a door Attitude Gray SW 7060Black This black has a hint of brown in it to give it a richer color Black Bean SW 6006