garage doorAs long as your garage door works well and doesn't complain with creaks and squeaks, you might not give it a second glance. However, updating your garage door is one of the most impactful decisions you can make when upgrading the exterior of your home. Some home improvement experts even suggest that a new garage door can give you more than 100% for return-on-investment.

A Custom Garage Door Versus a Stock Garage Door

Like virtually all other features in and around your home, a garage door can come from the factory in a ready-made style, or you can choose to have a door custom designed for your home. There are even options in between that are considered semi-custom. Each type of garage door is also available at several price points that usually depend on the amount of ornamentation, as well as the material used to construct the door.

If you're on a particularly tight budget, you might consider a stock door with a few embellishments. The lowest-priced garage doors will not have any significant panel designs or windows, but you can choose a variety of small upgrades that can improve the look of the garage door even if it's a basic, budget model.

Bob Vila's official website shares:
"An average steel door, single-faced without insulation or windows, typically costs about $360.00. Adding windows to steel doors is slightly more expensive, but installation costs are usually the same."
If you're interested in an overhead door with more features or that might come in a greater array of colors and designs, you might want to upgrade to a semi-custom garage door. There are usually more options for glass inserts, as well as designer options that take advantage of current styles and trends in exterior décor and design.

At the top of the scale is a custom door, which is available in virtually any sort of architectural design. You can get top-of-the-line construction materials or high-quality wood with long guarantees or warranties when you choose a custom door. No matter your budget, it's a worthwhile investment of time to look at the full array of garage doors your contractor can install.

Consider Garage Door Replacement Over Garage Door Repair

Over time, the technology used to create various features in the home improves, and garage doors are no exception. An overhead door that you had installed just 15 years ago probably won't have the same level of security, strength, and insulation as a door that was manufactured today. Additionally, today's doors come in a greater number of colors and styles than doors from just a few decades ago.

According to This Old House:

"It's not every day that you're in the market for a new garage door. So if you think you know what to expect when shopping for a new one or feel that current models are the same as your 15-year-old door, you're in for a surprise."
Today, you can choose a new overhead door with superior rust protection, long warranties of at least ten years, and efficient insulation.

Choosing a Door for Your Price Range, Climate, and Architectural Design

Your garage door performs a variety of essential jobs from providing your home with security to ensuring your garage is kept at an appropriate temperature. It's essential that you choose your garage door based on a variety of factors and not just how you think the door will look on the front of your home.

According to Freshome, the construction of the garage door for your climate is one of the most important considerations:

"It's easy to think of your garage door as only a functional, utilitarian door that offers shelter and security for your vehicles and storage, but it also needs to work well with your climate."
This is why it's important to work with a local contractor who is aware of the weather patterns in Illinois or your region and can give you valuable and accurate advice on choosing a new garage door.

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