Now that Labor Day is over ?? bring on the pumpkin spice lattes! Fall is by far the best season, all of the warm colors and cozy sweaters. Fall is also the time to jazz up your front porch and yard. Searching for some inspiration? We have TONS of ideas on our Pinterest board but we decided to give you the highlights. Below you can see some of our fave ways to decorate your house for fall. Here are Erdmann we are always looking for inspiration so post your fave ideas, DIY or not, in the comments below. Can't wait to hear from you! You can find some other ideas on our Facebook and Houzz pages as well.  So break out your wellies and fleeces and get decorating! ???How to Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal for Fall



Thanksgiving-Wreath homebrunch.com1

Is your door ever fully dressed without a seasonal wreath? The first one is easy. Go out and get yourself a simple stick wreath from your local craft store, break out your handy glue gun and some leaves for the yard Fall Rake Head Wreath .and you are set! If you are feeling extra ambitious add some burlap or pick up wooden letter to really personalize the project. Seasonal flowers and produce also make great accents for this type of wreath as well.  This is a great decoration for all of fall. We found a few more unique wreath DIYs. The one on the left isPaper Leaf Wreath 6 made with an old rake, some faux grape vines and leaves.  A helpful tip on working with grape vines is to soak them in water overnight so that they are more pliable in the morning. This example used floral wire to attach the vine but I think that glue would work as well. This DIY is a great example on using what you have at home to make something rustic. You can find the whole process here. The wreath on the right is a little more whimsical. What you'll need is; a couple of books from your GoodWill, leaves and sticks from your yard, cardboard, and wire. Once you've traced some leaves on the books and cut them out, cut out the same shapes from the cardboard. Then the leaves get attached to the wires and lastly attached to the wreath itself. You can find the detailed tutorial here.

Next is a great way to accessorize that wreath you just made. My favorite part of this set up is the stacked pumpkins ?. It adds a lil bit of color so everything isn't orange. The festive garland really brings the whole thing together.  To achieve the stacked pumpkins on the urns I find that it is easier to use fake pumpkins. They are lighter and you know that they will last the entire season without some squirrels making it into a snack. If you are going for a monochromatic look feel free to spray paint the pumpkins before attaching them together.


If pumpkins aren't your thing opt for leaves instead. They are a nice tie in with your custom wreath ?. See what I did there? Everything comes back to the DIY wreath. For this project it's better to use faux stick and leaves so they maintain their vibrancy. I think this bucket and sticksnext one might be my favorite. You can use these lanterns all year round just by switching up what you put in them. Red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July, green and red for Christmas. They are classic yet festive way to add interest to your front stoop. Let's talkOriginal-BPF_One-Thing_Harvest-Vignettes_LANTERNS.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.1449 about these wheat bundles for a minute. Take a organic, fuss free approach to your fall decorating with bales of wheat. They work anywhere; entryways, stairwells, on top of an end table. Try grouping them together in various heights and odd numbers for a simple yet sculptural look.