These are some of the basic tools to get you well on your way to becoming a pumpkin carving master! ? Once you have these you will be carving like a pro in no time! Tune in next week for some of our favorite ways to decorate a pumpkin.

wood-gouges Wood Gouges are used to clear even strips of skin away from the pumpkin, you can get a set like these from Amazon

keyhole-saw You need a saw that is strong enough to pierce through the pumpkins tough skin but thin enough to make curved cuts. Lowes has a great option.

scrapers Making sure the walls of your pumpkins are super thin allows you to make more intricate cuts. Scraping out the inside of the pumpkin will also slow down the rotting. This is one of our faves.

power-drill A power drill is great to add several uniform holes to create bubble patterns. Use whatever one you have in your tool box.

awl-needle-tool-pin These are the perfect tools for transferring designs to the pumpkins. They're so affordable you might want to get more than one.

cookie-cutters Cookie cutters in any shape can be used to stamp out perfect shapes every time. We suggest not using the same ones you use for cookies because they tend to get a little banged up. Amazon has some affordable options.

melon-baller Melon ballers are perfect for creating divots without piercing through all of the way. Again it is a good idea to keep a separate one with your other carving tools because chances are this one will get banged up.

minature-saws Exacto knives are ideal for cutting out irregular shapes. But be careful! They are really sharp.

linoleum-cutter A linoleum cutter is used for carving out intricate shapes the way that you would on linoleum tiles. Try and find one with a screw top to make emptying it easier like this one.

hole-cutter These hole cutters are go-to's for potters. The sharp end is used to create perfectly round holes in your pumpkin. Make sure that you clean them out after each use. These ones by Kemper are pretty affordable.