Let's be honest we all dream of that perfect home. Maybe you've seen those Realtor.com commercials about finding your bliss.  Yeah sure you can try and find the perfect house already completed but chances are you're going to have work with what you got and remodel. Even with the remodeling option you still might not get everything you want. There are some physical constraints that hinder your Pinterest-inspo home remodel. Here are Erdmann we are a into some DIY projects as the next person but this is when you would want to bring in a professional. Architects and contractors have a broad, up-to-date knowledge of building systems, thermal envelopes and other properties to the client’s needs. They live and breathe this industry so you don't have to.

When to NOT Do it Yourself

Although having a budget and sticking to it is important, it is also important to know where to allocate that budget. Spending the money on an experienced professional will save you money in the long run. Home remodeling is a team effort. You need to find a contractor or an architect that you feel comfortable with.

A few things to look for are; someone who makes you get your own permits. This is a no go. chances are the contractor will charge you for the cost of the permit but they should be the one getting it for you. Be weary of "yes" men. If your potential contractor is nodding to everything that you say RUN AWAY! They should be giving you an aesthetically appealing project that also functions.

Here at Erdmann we strive to provide you with the smoothest running project. We've been doing it for over 30 years so we must be doing something right? We provide free quotes and design help all you gotta do is ask! 

Working Towards Your Goals

The easiest way to accomplish your goals is to write them. Start with a list of priorities that you can bring to your first design meeting. By prioritizing what is most important for your contractor can come up with a plan of attack.  Start making notice on how you spend your day. Figure out what is frustrating throughout the day and that are the things you should concentrate on fixing.

About half way through the project take a look back at your list of goals. Are you still on track? If yes, way to go! If not it maybe you can get back on track but it will require another meeting with your designer.

Have a Flexible Timeline

In a perfect world, we could snap our fingers and have the perfect house. But we don't live in a perfect world. A good remodel takes time. You can prepare and plan as much as you want but unforeseeable issues will arise. Building in a time contingency is a easy way to not stress about being "behind schedule.  We have had customers needing to complete their project for a certain life event and those are normally the projects that develop issue.

Remodeling projects involve a lot of different people. It is near impossible to coordinate everyone, on every single step of the process.  Deliveries can be delayed or incorrect, building permits might take longer, heck even weather can throw a wrench into your plans.  Once you realize the timeline is idealistic and not realistic the stress will melt away.


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