Since the world of Pinterest people have been able to visualize their dream homes. But how much is it going to cost you? Anyone can take a pretty picture and tell you that it is worth it. But we want to know about the dollars and cents. We are going to list by cost.

Won't break the bank

Refinishing Your Floors

This is probably the cheapest remodel on the list. Refinishing your floors will cost you anywhere from $2.50 and $5.25 per square foot for sanding, staining and three coats of finish. If you are concentrating on just a small area it should also be only mildly inconvenient.

Upgrade Your Interior Doors

This simple swap can really elevate your home. You can even do it yourself! There are so many choices. . You can purchase hollow doors for about $50. Once you break into solid wood doors you could be looking at $200-300.  If y'all wanna get real fancy doors, you are looking at anywhere from $500-1000.

Photo Walls

DUMICAN MOSEY Architects - Fillmore StreetPhoto walls are eye catching and allow you to display what is important to you. You might not think that that this would cost much but even the DIY version could still run you a couple hundred dollars. You will need prints, matching mat board and frames. You will want to go with frames that have a similar color scheme and theme.  This example decided to stick with all black and white and rectangle frames. If you don't think that you have the eye for this there are services out there that will handle it for you. It will cost around $3000.

Don't Forget to Trim

Trim is something that you might not think about much. It is a small remodel that makes a LARGE impact. Adding trim around your windows and entry ways will give your home more personality. There are tons of different types of trim to choose from crown-moldingdepending on the look you want to go with. If you want to go big you want Victorian style. Traditional Victorian crown molding is actually three separate pieces resulting in a dramatic focal point. If big and bold isn't your jam you might want to opt for a more craftsman style trim. The crown moldings for these homes could be the same size as a Victorian but the details aren't there. The cost for a small bedroom will run ya about $500. If you are doing a large room or several rooms with more intricate trim the remodel could start to creep into the thousands. The plus side is that this is the perfect project to do one room at a time.

Might Cost You a Pretty Penny

Secret Doorway

Am I the only one who has dreamed about a secret doorway in their bedroom? Who would have thought that it would only cost about $1500. CS Hardware even sells ready made units. If you can put together IKEA furniture you can put together one of these. If you are an avid DIYer you can purchase the plans and hardware from CS Hardware for only $150. If you do that you can build the cabinet out of whatever wood you want. This is a great way to hide the messes in your life.

Switch to a Tankless Water HeaterModern Intelligence Series

This might not be the remodeling project your want to concentrate on but it might be the one that you need. If properly installed a tankless water heater can give you an endless supply of hot water along with reduced water bills. I would call that a win-win. This remodel will set you back about $2000-4500 depending on the model.

Add a Murphy Bed

Do you have a guest room that is rarely used? Why not add a murphy bed? That way you will have so much more room for activities! You can find a stock model for about $2500. For a more custom look you will want to reach out to a local contractor to figure out how to best integrate your new addition seamlessly.

In It For the Long Haul

Add a Skylight or Light Tube

Adding a skylight is an awesome way to bring in natural light into your home. The reason these installs are so expensive is because there is a little bit of a thought process in where to install them.  One has to take into account efficient and passive heat gain. This remodel will end up costing you a couple grand unless you want an automated system then that could cost up to $5000.Modern Toronto Home

Create a Built-in Home Bar

This one seems the most fun. I built in bar area is great if you entertain a lot. This will allow everyone a space to congregate that is not the kitchen. These can get pretty intricate which is the reason for the high price point. Depending on how large you would like it to be and how many upgrades you are looking at $10,000 easy.

Tear Down a Wall

Sometimes you need to make a mess to create something beautiful. If you are looking to achieve an open floor plan you might need to break down a few walls. This is a big one though. This remodel could cost you up to $30,000 if you want to take out a load bearing wall. This type of remodel isn't for the faint of heart. You do not want to commit to this unless you are planning on living in that house for a long time.

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