December is here! Time to start the holiday decorating. While wreaths aren't exclusively winter holiday decor, they do seem to be more frequent once the cold weather starts. We found some DIY wreaths that we enjoyed and thought you would to. Let's get crafting!


DIY Ombre Paper Loop Wreath

The first one wreath that we chose has more of a autumn color scheme but it wouldn't be difficult to change that.  This tutorial is from Design Improvised. The  supplies list is pretty short and hot glue is the adhesive this is a quick DIY project for a rainy day. To create the paper loops you will need some heavy duty card stock in whatever color you would like. The one thing that you might not have is a Fringe Cutter. This isn't required but it will make the cutting uniform strips WAY easier. You can see the full tutorial here.

Ombre Paper Loop Wreath

Cranberry Wreath

Cranberries are the unofficial fruit of the winter holidays. This one is my personal favorite. It does take a little bit more time than the previous wreath but the end product is simply breathtaking. To cover up an tiny gaps between the cranberries you can wrap the foam wreath in dark red ribbon or fabric before. Instead of the separate ribbon and wreath hanger as shown here you can use the ribbon to hang the wreath. I would probably seal it with some spray polyurethane to extend its shelf life. You can find the full tutorial here.


Simple Eucalyptus Wreath

For this minimalists out there, this is the wreath for you. This DIYer used Eucalyptus twigs but you can use whatever greenery you have in your yard. She also used an old embroidery hoop as the base. You can usually find embroidery hoops at consignment stores. Don't buy brand new.  This tutorial uses scotch tape to adhere the branches. If you don't like the way that looks I think floral tape or copper wire would look great! For a fuller wreath you can add more greenery if you would like.


Pine Cone Wreath

The base of this wreath is a grapevine wreath. It blends with the woodsy feel of the pinecones.  It is easier to spray paint the pine cones and wreath separately to get into all of the nooks and cranys. Once everything is thoroughly dry you just hot glue the pinecones every which way to cover up the grapevines. Feel free to decorate with faux leaves. This example has more an autumn feel with the yellow but switch the ribbon for a red or green one and use holly instead of autumn leaves and you will have a more winter holiday wreath on your hands. You can find the full tutorial here.

Pinecone wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

This wreath looks a lot more time consuming than it is. You start with your typical wreath base. Find or purchase some season appropriate greenery. Trim into manageable sizes (roughly 5 inches). Once that is all done you start wrapping florist wire around bunches of the greenery and securing to the wreath base. You want to stick with woodier greens that can stand up to the cold. Once you are done, pick whatever ribbon you like and you are all done Click here to see the entire tutorial


VIA (Brit+Co)