Having a leaky roof is more than just annoying. Ignoring it won't make it go away either. The National Association of Home Builders suggests getting your roof checked every three years even though a good roof should last a few decades. These are some of the problems a leaky roof can cause. Each one worse than the last...

Water Discoloration

This is the least of your worries. Discoloration happens when water leaks into the rafters and beams. The water carries chemicals from the roofing products that cause the wood to develop a darker color. In some cases, it might look red. If the leak is small, the discoloration can still spread but no other real damage will occur.

Mold and Mildew

Water means mold. When water gets trapped in small spaces the humidity isn't able to escape.  Some mold and mildew can cause health problems even death. Early mold patches can look like stains so you want to be sure that you check those regularly.

Drywall Fatigue

Wet drywall is not fun stuff. Since drywall is made of a plaster like material it loses its integrity once it comes into contact with water. A little bit of water will be fine but once the section gets saturated it will start to deteriorate. If the drywall is on the walls it will start to crumble. If the drywall is in the ceiling it will come down in larger pieces.

Rotting Structural Wood

This one is really bad. Once the leakage starts to reach the beams, studs, or joists they will start to rot. Once this happens the cost of the repair goes WAY up!

Electrical Wiring

If a roof leak goes unattended for too long it will eventually lead to electrical problems. Water will start to eat away at the copper wires leading them to snap or short out. Things will get really bad if water gets into your electrical box. If this happens call an electrician immediately and get it fixed.