uninsulated attic Pre Insulation Attic

This Naperville transformation is clear from the outside. But there were a few things that had to be done on the inside to prepare. First we air sealed the attic and installed new insulation. This helps with energy efficiency and air quality. For this type of project we used blown in cellulose. Cellulose is denser than fiberglass making it a better insulator. If you are looking for more information on insulating your home for winter check out our blog post about Energy Efficiency Tips for Winter.  Looking to get your home ready for winter? Call 847-357-9607 to schedule an appointment.

Some other behind the scene improvements we made are replacing all of plywood for structural integrity. We also resealed all of the windows adding to the energy efficiency. There was also water coming in through the vinyl windows. By replacing the flashing the issue was resolved. Re-insulating the garage also upped the energy

Weekly Transformations: Naperville, Evening Blue

The homeowners weren't fans of the brick surrounding their front door. We removed it and continued the siding for a more cohesive look. The new portico design also increased the deck size and is being used to protect the new front door.  The sidewalk leading to the front door so that two people could walk side by side more easily. The stone was chosen to add some textural contrast. To make the chimney match the new stone it was stained a similar color. The Evening Blue James Hardie was chosen to to complement the dark brown door. Some other design aspects we added was shake siding in the gables to break up the look of the siding.

Weekly Transformations: Naperville, Evening Blue

The box window above the door was also removed for aesthetic purposes.  In the back of the house we removed the sun room to let more natural light in through the kitchen.  The homeowner also opted for a more dramatic window trim. The three and a half inch crown molding made up for the shutters being removed.

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