After a hailstorm, the owners wanted to utilize the insurance money to update their home while replacing the damaged materials.  Erdmann Exterior Designs helped the homeowners unify the look of their new windows by installing Navajo Beige trim to match the Navajo Beige siding.  The cedar color roof was replaced with CertainTeed ‘Driftwood’ shingles to balance out the orange in the brick. 

On the rear of the house, the white aluminum roof on the bay window was replaced with the same CertainTeed ‘Driftwood’ architectural shingle as the same CertainTeed ‘Driftwood’ architectural shingle.

Working with the the homeowner's insurance company, Erdmann Exterior Designs was able to get the damaged skylight replaced under the hail claim.  The new VELUX skylight has a 10-year No Leak Warranty giving the homeowners peace of mind.

 While developing the plan with the homeowners, the Erdmann Designer explained the benefit of increasing the ventilation in the attic to prolong the life of the roof shingles and increase the indoor air comfort of the second floor.  The homeowners opted to invest in the replacement of the soffit and fascia at the time of construction.

On the front of the house, the homeowners further invested in the modernization of their home by replacing the Navajo Beige Open Louver style shutters with Peppercorn Raised Panel style shutters. In order to complete the look the vertical soffit panels over the garage door were replaced with the Erdmann signature flat panel design.