What is Lagom?

It is a Swedish word that means not too little, not too much. Just right. While you are probably thinking about Goldilocks and the Three Bears? We are talking about the Scandinavian trend of frugality and balance. IKEA has created a lifestyle project called Live Lagom. They want to help people achieve a more sustainable and affordable lifestyle.

It's been about three weeks since you made your probably unrealistic New Year's resolution. Don't worry you aren't alone. By the 3rd about 32% of America is in the same boat.

Living lagom isn't supposed to be hard, the whole point is good enough. Lifestyle blogger Anna Lysik talks about how taking a lagom mindset has made her more aware of her spending and how much waste she is producing. We could all relate on wanting to save money right? Maybe that was your resolution to begin with.

Lifestyle Choices

What is so great about lagom is that you don't need to change everything at once. Pick up a reusable water bottle so you can stop buying cases of disposable. Bring your own grocery bags into the store with you so you won't IKEA LIVE LAGOM report IKEA live lagomhave to figure out a way to reuse all of the plastic ones. Lessplastic.co.uk has a few more easy switches that will reduce waste AND save you money!

Try adjusting your thermostat down. Listen I get it, it is miserable to be cold. Adjusting one degree down won't affect you that much and if it does try a heavier sweater or drinking a hot cup of herbal tea. It will warm you right up.  One of IKEA's case studies purchased new energy efficient blinds and curtains. Now it might not make sense to spend money while you are trying to save money but the amount of money saved on heating their home was less than the cost of the new window treatments.

Another way to live with less waste is to grow your own food. You don't necessarily have to grow EVERYTHING. Like with plastic reduction start small. Maybe a few herb plants. No one uses the whole bunch of parsley or cilantro at the grocery store do they?

The IKEA Live Lagom Project

This IKEA project will last three years and is looking at the challenges and benefits of keeping to a more sustainable way of life. IKEA customers and employees were chosen and given different products to help with the project. They are all concentrating on areas such as; save energy and water, reduce waste, and working towards a healthier lifestyle. We can't wait to see how the project ends up!