Your front entry is your guests’ first impression, so make it count!  Here are some tips to help boost your home’s entry and curb appeal.

1) Is the path clear?

Make sure the path from the driveway or street is clearly marked.  This can be accomplished by a path that is about three to four feet wide; wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side.  Add a soldier course or interesting details into the walkway to make it pop!



2) Hello, color!

A punch of color that compliments but contrasts the siding and trim is an easy way to enhance a tired entry way!  Against the off-white siding, this bright red door happily leads visitors inside!   Make sure to keep the style of your home in mind when choosing an accent color for your door!


3) Where is it?

Make sure to keep overgrown plant material cut back from walkways and remove any plant material that blocks the view to the front door.



Planters with bright colored flowers are easy to maintain and can be moved around as needed! Wooden front doors, art pieces or details in your steps and stoop add great details when your guests walk up!



5) It’s in the details!

Do some research on your home’s style and add some architectural details to really make it pop!  Molding, columns, trim, porticos and gables are great ways to accent and draw attention to specific parts of your home.


6) Landing Spot For Visitors

Allow your front porch to have a sense of warmth, comfort and place by adding some furniture.  A bistro table or swing are easy additions to a front porch that give that “let’s relax”  feel!  A wreath on the front door or artwork on the wall are also little details that can say “welcome to our home! Come on in!”


7) Night and Day

Illuminating parts of your walkway with low-voltage lighting and your front door with sconces or lanterns creates a sense of safety and convenience.  Well planned lighting can also bring a landscape to life at night!