“Chicago has two seasons, winter and construction”. This is a half-hearted joke Chicagoans have been telling for years, and if you live in the area, you are probably familiar with the pattern – long and harsh winters followed by inconvenient roadwork as soon as the temperatures rise (it’s almost like we can’t win!). Chicago summers are beautiful, but the frustrations of construction and traffic that come along with them, are anything but. While road renovations continue to take place during inopportune times, that scheduling is out of your control. However, if you are a homeowner looking to begin a construction or remodeling project on your home, you have full control to make key decisions such as project timing.

Year after year, we continue to see most homeowners following the same pattern – waiting until after the winter months to begin an exterior home renovation. While spring and summer are the most common seasons for exterior remodeling, winter is actually the most beneficial time to tackle this type of project. Not only will your home be a construction-free zone by spring and ready for summer entertaining, but off-season remodeling provides many other benefits homeowners might not realize. From increased contractor availability, to pricing and overall convenience, we’ve outlined the benefits you would enjoy by tackling your exterior home remodeling project during the winter


1. Increased Contractor Availability

The busiest season for residential remodelers is the spring and summer. Most quality contractors will begin booking their spring and summer jobs many months in advance. Therefore, if you wait to reach out until April or May to begin your project, the scheduling options for both the estimate and installation may be quite limited – or that contractor you’re looking to work with might already be completely booked for the season.

However, if you plan your remodeling project for the winter or ‘offseason’, contractors have greater scheduling availability and flexibility. Also, with less going on, they will have even more time to focus on the intricate project details to help to exceed your expectations.


2. Quicker Permit Approvals and Project Start Times

Before a home construction or remodeling project can begin, your contractor must obtain a building permit through your local government. This can take between 30-60 days to approve, depending on the municipality. During the summer there is an influx of permits needed, and many government workers tend to take more weeks off which can lead to an increased wait time. In the winter,  fewer permits are requested and government agencies are usually less busy, making the permit approval process go much quicker - allowing your contractor to get started on your project sooner.


3. Avoid Peak Season Pricing & Take Advantage of Money Saving Opportunities

During the spring and summer months, manufacturers will increase the price of certain materials and products as part of their annual peak season process. In the off-season they will often run product specials and promotions. By scheduling your home remodeling project during the winter time you can get started before the price spike, save on the overall costs of your project, and take advantage of other money saving opportunities!  

4. Get Through Those Winter Time Blues and Spring into Style

Chicago winters often feel like they will never end - the days, weeks and months are long, cold and grey. Sometimes all you want to do is curl up by the fireplace with a blanket and never leave home! Keeping yourself busy with a remodeling project will help beat the winter-time blues! Not to mention, you will be able to escape a double dose of construction during the warmer months (having to endure it both at your home and on the roads!). Plus, as soon as spring time comes along you will be all ready to show off your beautifully renovated home, and can enjoy your new deck throughout the summer instead of having to wait until the following year! 


5. Receive the Same Great Quality of Work

While exterior remodeling is less popular during the winter, it’s certainly not due to a reduction in quality of work. Most exterior services are actually unaffected by temperature – from installing a new roof or fiber cement siding to replacing your windows, the Erdmann Exteriors team is prepared for the winter conditions and have the capabilities to provide you with quality service and workmanship year-round.

Furthermore, winter can be the best time of year for finding any sort of hidden flaws or damage that may be threatening the interior of your home. Ice, snow and wind actually aid in exposing roof leaks and other damages that are masked during the warmer months.


6. Convenient Time for That Vacation You’ve Been Wanting to Take

During the winter, people often want to escape to warmer climates. So, whether you’re a snowbird or plan vacations during the winter, we can take care of the most difficult stages of your project while you are away – limiting your exposure to demolition or noise. In order to stay connected to your project, we provide a homeowner interface called, Builder Trend, where you can find daily logs, progress photos, invoice tracking and more.


If you are interested in planning your exterior home remodeling project in the winter or anytime, contact Erdmann Exteriors today for a free consultation.