It’s easy to overlook your home’s windows. Everyday you look through them, not at them! When considering a home remodel, it’s important to understand that windows (and patio doors) affect both the interior and exterior of your home. Here is a back-to-school basics guide to window and patio door replacement styles.

Types of Windows

double hung windows Double-hung windows are probably the most common or “standard” windows used. This style features two sashes that slide up and down. When opened, double-hung windows do not protrude into the room, or outside the house, which makes them a practical choice for any home.


casement windows Casement windows are hinged on the vertical side and operate by hand crank. The casement style opens to the outside and offers an uncluttered view.


awning windows Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing open from the bottom via a hand crank to offer a different angle for air entry. You can think of them as casement windows rotated 90 degrees. Homeowners may appreciate that rainfall is much less likely to enter with this style.


bow and bay windows Bow and bay windows extend outside a home’s exterior and help open up a room by bringing in light and extending the angle of the view. A series of individual windows (frequently in this pattern: casement – picture - casement) are connected at varying angles to create a subtle (bow) or dramatic (bay) curve. From the exterior they add dimension to your home, and from the interior bow and bay windows set the stage for a cozy window seat.


picture window replacement Picture windows are typically larger in size, this fixed (inoperable) style can be used in places where homeowners are unlikely to open a window (homes with vaulted ceilings) or where there is a great view to “frame” with a large uncluttered pane. Picture windows work in any style home and can make a dramatic impact on both the interior and exterior of a home.


slider window replacement Slider or sliding windows have one or more panes that slide on a horizontal track, like sliding patio doors. This style does not protrude into the room or outside of a home’s exterior, and work well in tight spaces, such as behind the kitchen sink.


Specialty Windows include: Shaped windows – windows really do come in all shapes and sizes! To help update a room, consider changing shapes. A round porthole or octagon shape window adds character and acts as a focal point. Half and quarter round windows can be used with picture and casement styles to make a statement. Think beyond the rectangle! Transom windows – short in height and long in length, this style can be manufactured in both fixed and operable styles. Transoms bring in additional light and add a finishing touch to any window or door set. Garden windows – always dreamed of snipping fresh herbs for your favorite recipe? Consider a garden window for your kitchen. This style can be constructed with both fixed and operable glass panels and offers homeowners a unique way to add function and style with a simple window replacement.


Types of Patio Doors

sliding door replacement The sliding or slider door is the traditional patio door style, which includes fixed and one sliding panel. Sliders are also available in three and four panel options. Sliding doors are available in varying widths, and price points, are easy to operate, and don’t take up space inside or outside the home, making them a “go-to” for designers and homeowners. Custom multi-panel options can fill an entire wall, bringing the great outdoors to your home’s interior.


french door replacement il Swinging French door sets are comprised of two panels hinged to swing into the home, or outside, depending on where you have the space. The flexibility of configuration and classic style of French doors makes them both a practical and popular choice.


folding doors Folding doors, also referred to as bi-fold, are the perfect way to open your home to the outdoors in style. With two to eight panels, they are hung from a track, and hinged to fold like an accordion. Some bi-fold doors can span up to 55 feet!


stacking doors Stacking doors feature multiple panels that slide on parallel tracks and stack to one or two sides of an expansive opening. Stacking, or lift and slide doors allow home owners the opportunity to totally transform a room by creating unobstructed views and connecting a patio or other outdoor space to the home’s interior.  

Making the Decision

Know you want to replace your home’s windows and/or patio doors? It pays to understand your options. With the variety of styles available and so many other factors to consider (interior and exterior construction material, glass style, screens, grilles or lites, and hardware) picking out one window means countless decisions! Do your homework and learn more about window and patio door replacement options from our trusted partners at Beechworth Windows, The Marvin Family of Brands, and ProVia or contact us today for a free consultation.