Homeowners Challenge

The homeowners originally had vertical siding that they wanted to update to horizontal siding, but had a hard time envisioning this transformation on their house.


Erdmann’s Solution

Their Erdmann project consultant, Mark, provided photos of similar style homes where horizontal siding was installed. He also used Chief Architect to do a rendering of the homeowners home with horizontal siding to help them better envision the final result.


Erdmann's Suggestions

Initially, the homeowner’s were interested in wood siding but after Mark had explained the costs and benefits of using Hardie siding over wood, the homeowner’s agreed that this would be the better option for what they wanted to achieve.


Products Used

  -  James Hardie Siding and Trim

  -  Provia Heritage Entry Door


Final Results

The homeowner’s were extremely pleased with the siding and front entry door replacement. They were particularly impressed with how hard the installers worked on their house.