Three seasons rooms are popular home additions in Chicagoland, allowing homeowners to enjoy more time "outdoors" without being outside. Sometimes called sunrooms, three seasons rooms are home additions or conversions that are intended to be used for just three of the four seasons: spring, summer, and fall. They are definitely not intended for use during our cold winters since they typically aren't very well insulated, if at all, and are not usually connected to the home's HVAC system. 3 seasons rooms are similar to decks or screened in porches in that they provide living space that is much more connected to the outdoors than the rest of the home. Unlike decks and porches, three seasons rooms are more well-protected from the elements with a roof, flooring, windows that open and close, and electricity.

Homeowners love the way that three seasons rooms allow them to extend their time outdoors. They can get outside earlier in the spring and stay out later in the fall than a deck allows and the 3 seasons room can be used when it's windy or raining or at night when the mosquitos are biting or it's too dark. While any one of these issues might send you inside from a deck or porch, there's no need to head indoors with a three seasons room.

As you explore your 3 seasons room options, there are a few considerations to keep in mind, which can help you make the most of your home investment.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your New 3 Seasons Room

1. How will we use the room?

One of the first questions you'll want to ask yourself is how you plan to use this room. The answer to this simple question will be immensely helpful to the choices you'll have to make further in the process. Homeowners who use it as a place to relax after work occasionally will have different design needs than those who plan to fling open the doors and make the most of the room every single day that they can. 3 seasons rooms are popularly used for: relaxing, enjoying the backyard/view, reading, socializing and entertaining, and dining.

2. Where will it be constructed?

There are several design considerations to take into account as you dream about your new 3 seasons room, but one of the most basic is where it's going to be located. Many people decide to replace their existing deck, patio, or porch with a 3 seasons room, but don't allow yourself to be limited by that. A 3 seasons room really could be added on to any exterior wall. They make terrific additions to the master bedroom, giving it a more suite-like feel, or can be placed adjacent to the kitchen to provide a welcoming breakfast nook. When located off the family room, they provide extra living and entertaining space. Some people choose to enclose their hot tub or spa with a three seasons room so they can use it more frequently. Again, think about how you'll use the room and let that help guide placement choice.

3. What is the orientation?

The room's orientation towards the sun will absolutely affect the temperature of the room, so keep that in mind as you begin to think about where the room will be constructed. In addition to how you plan to use the room, also consider when you plan to use it. South-facing rooms will get hotter in the summer, but they'll also enable you to enjoy the room longer into the fall and earlier in spring; they'll also provide you with the most hours of daylight. North-facing rooms can provide a welcome respite from the summer sun, but will be colder at other times of the year. East-facing rooms are a great choice if you expect to enjoy the room with your morning coffee or for breakfast, but they could be gloomy the rest of the day. In west-facing rooms, you'll need to be aware of the late-afternoon sun. It could make the room too warm and bright at times. Space heaters, fans, thermal windows, and solar shades can all help you control temperature, but homeowners are always happier with the final product when they take into account the sun's influence on the room.

4. What materials will be used?

Three seasons room walls can be constructed of just about any building material: vinyl, aluminum, wood, composite, etc. Some people like to match the 3 seasons room to their existing exterior so that it blends in to look like part of the home, others are not as concerned about matching. Your biggest materials consideration, however, will be glass and windows. Most 3 seasons rooms are comprised primarily of glass walls and even glass roofing. Depending on the room's orientation to the sun and how and when you will use it, you may want to use less glass or you may want to upgrade your glass to be as energy-efficient as possible.

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