Decks are wonderful home additions. They increase a home's resale value. They give the home's residents a place to enjoy some time outside without necessarily having to be in the yard to do so. They enhance the charm and character of a home. They provide excellent space for entertaining and they're a relatively inexpensive way to add space to your home since they can be built in a fraction of the time a room addition or basement remodel would require.

Some of us though, have inherited decks that, while solidly constructed, are dated, uncared for or just plain blah. If that sounds familiar, we've got some deck ideas that will upgrade your deck without the need to tear it down or drain your bank account.

Simple Customized Deck Upgrades

With a little creativity and TLC your deck can look brand new and better serve your needs! We've assembled tips that any do-it-yourselfer can handle while you daydream about a deck remodel. 1. Restore & Re-Stain. Just like a fresh coat of paint can make a room feel brand new, so can restaining and resealing your deck. This job also gives you a chance to get up close and personal with your deck so you can easily spot areas that need repair or replacement. To restore your deck, you'll first want to give it a good cleaning. A simple powerwash or hose down with a garden hose should work unless you have mildew or staining, then you might want to use a deck wash. Once the area has been washed and dry, you can stain and seal it. Look for a combination stain and sealer to minimize work. Stain can be applied manually with brushes and rollers or sprayed on.  2. Railings.

If you have a flat deck that is low to the ground, there's a chance you don't have any railings on it. Adding railings gives the deck a more finished look, defines the deck area better, and provides some added safety, which is important if you have small children in the home or elderly residents or visitors. Railings are fairly easy to install yourself, especially if you purchase pre-constructed railings from the home improvement store. For a more complete look, you can work with a deck builder to install customized decking railings. There are tons of choices in railings these days. You can get clear plexiglass panels, string wire, wood slats, or hollow tubes. This kind of customized decking work can lead to other add-ons too like built-in seating, end tables, or lighting.

3. Lighting.

Adding lights will allow you to increase the amount of time you spend on your deck. A floodlight attached to the house may be a great choice for security, but it's not all that relaxing. Soften the setting with string lights or fairy lights, solar lighting, or even standalone outdoor lamps or a table top fountain with lighting. A canopy with string lights underneath is also a possibility and it will allow you to enjoy your deck for more hours of the day, even during those warm, summer evening rain showers. Alternatively you can illuminate your decking and railing with riser lights, post cap lights or under-rail lights.

4. Planting Towers.

Planters and pots, planting towers, arbors, and trellises all enhance a deck, provide privacy, and give you more room to garden. Plants soften the hard edges of decks, giving the area a more homey, earthy feel. Growing garden vegetables or flowers on a deck makes it easier to maintain a garden because they are usually closer to spigots and rain barrels, it's harder for garden pests like bunnies to get up on the deck and nibble, and you have better control over the pots fertilizing and water requirements. Harvest is a breeze too, with no weeding necessary and no need to bend over or dig through vines on the ground.

5. Storage.

Adding storage keeps unsightly accessories out of sight and protected from the elements. Gazebos and sheds are a more costly option, but you can also find storage benches, potting benches, and patio furniture storage that will look right at home on the deck. Weatherproof storage can save you room in the garage or basement by providing you with a place to put patio seat cushions, hoses, and other seasonal items during the winter months.

Erdmann Exteriors Are Deck Specialists

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If your deck has seen better days and you don't think a simple upgrade will help, contact us to arrange a free, on-site consultation. We'll help you plan out the best use of the space and design a deck you'll love!

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