While some trends manage to stay relevant for decades, new yearly trends can help you make the most of your home’s value and curb appeal. If you’ve been considering an exterior makeover, make sure to heed consideration to what the top trends are for 2020.

Whether you are contemplating the selling of your home next year or just updating the look, investing in the outside of your home will deliver a return in both resale value and enjoyment.

The top trends of 2020 are about bringing new approaches to tired spaces.

Exterior Living Spaces

In 2020, expect gazebos, outdoor kitchens, and more outdoor features to become a must. Outside living areas have been growing in demand, and are set to erupt in 2020. It’s not enough to have an open-air patio or yard, today’s homes also have an innovative outdoor living space that enhances the curb appeal of the property.

This means decks include things like hot tubs, fire pits, and gazebos for shade. The more characteristics that can be added to make it an outdoor living area, and not just a dull yard, the better. Things like outdoor kitchens, bars, and fireplaces also top the lists of things people most want to see.

Durable And High Efficient Materials

Regardless of what area of your exterior you want to update in 2020, incorporating high-quality materials into the design is a must. Homeowners and home buyers want to see materials that are going to last and increase the efficiency and use of the home long-term.

This includes using materials like fiber cement siding on the exterior facade. It's both fire and insect resistant, and it’s also low maintenance, lasting for years without needing any touch-ups or repainting. Paired with the right insulation, it can also help to create that tight building envelope that’s so desirable for keeping energy bills low.

Earth Tones

Expect browns and other earthy tones to be a significant trend in 2020. Darker colors have been exploding in popularity as of late. While brown accents or trim have long been fashionable in the south, fully earthy exteriors are growing in popularity across the nation. This trend is ideal for any style of home because there are so many shades to choose from.

Stay on-trend in many areas by opting for a deep charcoal color, or make a move to a more striking tone like a deep brown. There’s no incorrect way to go with this trend, so find a color that complements your exterior to make the most of it.

Bigger And Better Walkways

In 2020, there will be a move toward more significant, more extensive driveways and walkways. Maybe it has to do with having large vehicles or family size increases. It may also be because families don’t want to spend all of Sunday mowing lawns and doing yard maintenance. In any case, a more massive driveway and walkways created from cement, pavers, and bricks will be a thing to consider.

Mixed Styles

Expect a mix of old and new styles. With the popularity of modern farmhouse styles, homeowners continue to create a hybrid of contemporary farmhouse designs and mid-century modern with industrial influences into the exterior of their home.

Mixed-use siding is at the forefront. Board and batten siding along with stone has gained popularity. Another current design is mixing clapboard siding with textures of shake to create visual interest and balance. Black windows add a contemporary industrial look along with sleek metal accents such as garage doors to pull together the overall design.

A Focus On Garage Doors

One of the first impressions for most houses is the style and look of the garage doors. Expect people in 2020 to focus on more fashionable and beautifying garage doors. In many home communities, garages are front and center on the home’s exterior, so they should be beautiful and well suited to the overall appearance.

We are seeing more decorative garage doors that make a statement. More contemporary glass garage doors, reclaimed wood garage doors, and black garage doors with unique patterns and textures. Don’t skimp on the garage hardware, a simple lift handle or side bracket might be all you need to update the look.

Home exterior trends for 2020 are favoring simplicity in design with an eco-conscious approach. Focus on environmentally friendly, sustainable materials and a move toward outdoor living.