Window Styles & Where To Install Them

Windows are more than just the dressings on a building, whether it’s a home or otherwise. They have both functional and aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for windows for a new home or replacement windows to spruce up an existing home, you’ll find that there is a wide array of window styles on the market. This means that you have a healthy variety to match your budget and home’s style, and even preference. If you are curious about the types of window options out there, here’s a look at some different types of windows that can help make window shopping less of a hassle.


Double-hung windows feature a lower sash and an upper sash that slides vertically. It typically tilts out allowing easy access for cleaning and maintenance work to be done. Double-hung windows are a popular option for homeowners to install when doing a window replacement. This versatile option is available in a range of sizes that can suit a range of openings. Double-hung windows are generally found in traditional style homes often in openings where one-by-one windows are preferred rather than a set or pairing.


Casement windows are hinged windows that swing outward from left to right or up to open with a hand crank. These windows offer good views with minimal obstruction, and are easy to operate. These windows are ideal for installation above a sink and countertop, as well as for first floors as a security measure since they are tougher to open during break-ins.


A picture window is a large window designed to not only allow you to enjoy unobstructed views, whether it’s your garden or backyard, but to also allow in maximum amounts of light. As a style element, picture windows can add drama and flair, and create a captivating focal point. These are stationary windows that are not designed to be opened at all. Picture windows are commonly placed in a bay window as a centerpiece.


Bay windows are built out from an exterior wall or siding, creating a small shelf on the interior. These windows are built with a combination of flat windows positioned into an angled frame at 30 to 40 degrees, which resembles a semi-hexagon. Bay windows can be pricey to install because they are not only larger than the average-sized windows, but a certain level of skill is needed for installation.


Bow windows are a combination of evenly-sized, custom curved windows that create semi-circled alignments of 10-20 degree angle. These windows push out from the exterior wall of a home. Bow windows are typically found in the front area of a home, primarily used for visual appeal and enhanced natural lighting.


Awning windows are hand-cranked and hinged at the top, offering maximum ventilation, allowing air in from the left, right, and bottom. These are ideal for installation on top of or below a picture, as well as an operating window style. They are also the perfect option to allow air-flow during a rainstorm without causing water damage to your sills.

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