When temperatures drop, you might be prompted to reach for your thermostat, your space heater, or for your blankets. However you decide to take on the cold, there's no question that windows can significantly affect the temperature of your home's interior. 

One way to stop the cold from coming into your home? Stop it right at the source - with quality, properly-installed windows like the ones we offer here at Erdmann Exteriors! If you're interested in learning more about the role of windows in the fall and winter months - keep reading below for more information!

the consequences of faulty windows in fall & winter

During the colder months of the year, your windows are put to the test. If you have high-quality windows, you'll notice that cold air is kept at bay and out of your home's interior. However, if you have low-quality windows, you'll find yourself adjusting the thermostat and reaching for blankets. 

Faulty windows, whether they're cracked, poorly installed, or damaged, can yield major discomfort for you, your family, and even your guests. That's why it's smart to invest in windows that both compliment and protect your home! Depending on where you live, you might be able to get away with an underwhelming set of windows, but in more drastic climates (like here in Chicagoland), homeowners would be wise to choose windows that perform year after year and season after season.

Benefits of quality windows

There's no doubt that installing quality windows can bring benefits to the table. A few of these benefits include, but are not limited to: 
  • Save money on energy bills! Who doesn't like saving money? When your windows allow for cold air to enter your home, naturally, you'll want to adjust your thermostat. Not only is it an unreliable solution, it can drive your energy bills up! With properly-installed windows, you can curb further spending and enjoy a warm home.
  • Let in natural light! Especially in the fall & winter, where daylight is scarce, natural lighting is sure to bring light and ambiance to your interior. With quality windows, you won't have to reinforce them with the likes of curtains, so you can enjoy the benefits of natural light all year round!
  • Defense Against Inclement Weather When the weather gets tough, your windows should too. Deteriorating windows can easily fall vulnerable to tough weather conditions such as snow, rain, ice, and high winds. Thus, sturdy, sufficient windows will do their part in keeping harsh weather at bay. 
  • Privacy & Security Higher quality windows means stronger windows, and this applies to home security as well. Durable windows can be difficult to break, which keeps you and your home more safe from the likes of home burglars and invaders. 

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