Now, as we reach the end of April, we can eagerly look forward to summer and the warmer weather that comes along with it. If your home or property has some type of hardscaping to show for, whether it's a deck, patio, or even pergola, it's smart to take the necessary steps to make preparations for the warmer weather. In today's blog, we'll be doing exactly this, and giving you a comprehensive guide to preparing your hardscape for the sunnier, warmer days ahead. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!


When it comes to hardscaping, decks are among the most popular structures for a reason; they are versatile, practical, and can be enjoyed whenever the weather is warm! Another reason why decks are great? They are relatively low-maintenance for homeowners! In many cases, all that it takes to prepare your deck for warmer weather is a simple wash. Like most other surfaces out there, decks can accumulate dirt, grime, and build-up over time, which warrants the need for periodic cleaning.

If your deck is looking a little worse for wear, begin by removing any visible debris the best you can, including trash and food waste. This can be done most efficiently with a push broom. Once you've completed this, wash your deck thoroughly, either with a hose or a power washer, though a power washer is more ideal as it's tougher on stains. If you don't own or have access to a power washer, consider renting one to leave your deck looking as good as new.


Preparing your patio for warmer weather isn't too different from the process of preparing your deck. This is because your patio is subject to much of the same conditions as your deck, most notably the accumulation of trash, debris, and build-up. However, despite this, there is some difference among the materials used for both - decks are typically made from wood, plastic, or composite materials, while patios are typically made from concrete. Wood ages and reacts to stimuli differently than concrete, and vice versa.

In preparing your patio, it's smart to keep an eye out for mildew, algae, and chipped or cracked concrete, as they can all cause significant damage to your patio over time. Once you have done so, use a push broom to rid your patio of debris and/or trash.

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