With the snow, ice, and harsh conditions of winter now behind us, homeowners will be pleased to know that there is less physical labor required for the warmer months ahead. Though chores shoveling and ice-scraping may now be unnecessary, that's not to say homeowners should refrain from maintenance altogether during the spring and summer. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining one's landscape - particularly with hardscape elements such as a deck or, most importantly in this case, a patio. In today's blog, we'll be giving you tips on how to keep your patio looking great this spring and summer! If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!

Take Action Against Pollen

Over time, like most surfaces, your patio can collect dirt, grime, debris, and anything else that comes its way. During the winter, this can include snow and ice - and during the fall - leaves. However, especially in the spring, you can expect pollen to accumulate on your patio, in addition to most of your home's exterior. While pollen is incapable of causing physical damage your patio, it can cause allergic reactions for many people who come in contact with it. The best way to remove pollen is by using a garden hose to spray it away. You can also sweep it away with relative ease using a push broom. With a pollen-free patio, your friends, family, and guests can breathe happily and healthily.

Defense Against Weeds

Weeds can be a tricky and obnoxious pest for your patio, given the fact that they can grow seemingly in every crack and crevice. As a homeowner, it's ideal to take defensive action against weeds and stop them right at the source, before they grow in size.

A Method of Killing Weeds

One popular and easy way of preventing weed growth is by using baking soda, which can dry out the weeds and kill them at their root. To do this, simply wet the weeds with your garden hose and apply baking soda generously to the weeds, working them into the cracks of your patio with a push broom. Most recommend to repeat this process every four-to-six weeks for best results.

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