Different Window Styles

Windows play an important role in the design and style of your home. Different windows work best in different areas of the home and each style serves a different purpose and offers varying degrees of functionality. Who knew windows were so complicated, right? Let’s break down a few of the most popular window styles to make it easier to understand the differences.

Double-Hung & Single-Hung Windows

Double and single-hung windows are what most people think of when they picture a “traditional” window. These windows work anywhere in a home thanks to their classic look that pairs well with nearly any decorating style. Single-hung windows feature a fixed top half, with a movable lower sash. Double-hung windows feature movable bottom and top sashes. The main benefit of a double-hung window versus a single hung window is the amount of airflow that you can move through the window.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are used when an architect wants to bring angles into a space and add a bit of extra curb appeal to a property. Bay windows are most commonly placed in living/family rooms and kitchens, because they allow light to enter the space from multiple angles, and also offer a sitting area for homeowners to enjoy the fresh air and ventilation. The center window usually does not open, but both side windows typically do to allow some airflow through the space. 

Picture Windows

Picture windows are unique because once they’re installed, they do not open or allow any airflow to enter the space. Picture windows consist of one large piece of glass, which allows for a great view, and adds plenty of natural light to the rooms they are installed within. Picture windows are commonly used in second-story spaces, or higher, where a good view can be seen from the window. The downside to these windows, however, is that both hot and cold weather will permeate through the glass to some degree, since it’s so large.

Casement Windows

Casement windows can be used anywhere in the home. These windows open using a hinge on the side of the window, allowing the glass to swing-out, making them easy to operate. You will get to enjoy great airflow and plenty of natural light using casement windows. The hinge seal also offers great protection against hot or cold air outside when the window is shut.

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