It’s starting to turn spring in the Chicago area and its time to start thinking about utilizing your outdoor patio space once again. That’s why I have decided to put together a list of decoration ideas for your patio this spring. Some of these ideas are practical and helpful, while others are strictly cosmetic. I hope you can find a way to implement some of these fun ideas into your patio.

Wood Patio Planters

It’s always nice to be able to grow plants on your back patio. Whether it be flowers or vegetables, having plants around brings positive energy and liveliness to a home. These wooden outdoor planters are a great accent piece to stone patios. Placing several of these around your patio could potentially replace a garden in your yard and brighten up your patio.

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs can really help to break up space on your patio. If you have a section where you tend to place furniture, it is nice to add an outdoor rug as an accent piece. This can really help to separate your patio and make it feel more like an extension to your home. It is important to find a color that compliments the colors in the stone that makes up your patio. If you have a grey stone, try accenting with a blue rug, or if you have a sand-colored stone, try orange. It is always nice when you start adding more color to your patio.


What better way to enjoy a nice spring day, than on swing on your porch. These swings are very popular right now and can easily be installed off the back of your house. Operating as almost an outdoor day bed, these swings are the perfect back-yard amenity to relax and enjoy a warm day. Decorating these swings with accent pillows that match your outdoor rug, can really help to bring everything together.


Curtains are a great way to enhance your patio experience. In the situation where you may want a bit more privacy, or you’re trying to sleep, curtains could be the solution. Besides providing privacy, these curtains can also make the space feel more like an extension to your home. Sectioning off parts of your patio into somewhat of rooms.

These curtains can also be used in a more practical manner. Transparent curtains could act as a layer to soften the sun’s light. Curtains may also be effective in keeping out insects.

Laser Cut Patio Covers

These laser cut patio covers are a great addition to any covered patio. Instead of blocking all light from entering your space, interesting patterns of light shine through to provide more of an atmosphere. The awesome thing about these cover is that they can be cut to your desired pattern.

I hope that some of these decorating ideas have inspired you to get out in the warmer weather and start to prep your patio for the upcoming months of basking in the sun.