Dirty Vinyl Siding

Every homeowner knows that when it comes to your siding, it is important to ensure that the system is kept clean & well-maintained in order to keep your home protected from the elements! If it’s left to accumulate dirt and other build-up, your siding can, over time, deteriorate due to the debris left on the siding. If you’re interested in learning more about how to deal with various kinds of debris and dirt on your siding, keep reading our blog for more information!


Let’s begin with the most common debris of all, dirt. No matter where you live, every homeowner will have dirt accumulate on their siding over time, unless your property is in a windless vacuum! Luckily, cleaning dirt off of your home’s siding is simple & easy!

Depending on how much dirt has accumulated on the siding, you can clean the system by either using a soft brush or washcloth, or simply by using water. Dampen the washcloth and wipe down the siding, or simply spray it down. Just be sure not to use any abrasive brushes that could potentially scratch your siding!

Oil & Grease

Next up, let’s discuss removing oil or grease from your siding. Particularly if you have children around the home, greasy fingers can find their way on your siding, leaving unsightly marks. If you’re interested in cleaning grease & oil off of your home’s siding, the process is simple & easy!

To clean grease off of your siding, you’ll follow the same procedure that you would for your dishes! All you need to do is get some warm water & a bit of mild dish soap, and get to washing! Just be sure to avoid any abrasive materials in order to keep from scratching your siding!

Mold & Mildew

Lastly, we’ve arrived the largest culprit of dirty siding; mold & mildew. While it can resemble dirt, mold & mildew require a bit more than just water to remove. Since mold is living, you will need to ensure you fully remove it in order to stop the spread of the mold.

You will need to get a mold & mildew specific cleaner in order to ensure that the system is fully cleaned. Grab a sponge, warm water, and your cleaner, and be sure to thoroughly examine the system as you scrub to ensure you don’t miss any spots!

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