Early Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

  With the warm summer days behind us, make sure your home is prepared for the cold and icy seasons ahead by following our early fall home maintenance checklist! Download the checklist now, and view additional tips and details for each to-do item below. √ TRIM YOUR TREES Before the cold and snowy season is upon […]

Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Home

After a long and grueling winter, let’s bring on spring! Spring’s warmer weather brings a sense of renewal and is a great time to get your home ready for the warm summer months ahead. Consider tackling these indoor and outdoor maintenance projects: Gutters & Downspouts Gutters and downspouts are an often-overlooked project that demand attention […]


  Now that the New Year has rolled around, you’re probably brimming with an abundance of new goals and possibilities for yourself. Some of those goals may be to exercise more, save money, run a half or full marathon or spend more quality time with your family. That being said, if you’re a homeowner, wouldn’t […]

How Exterior Materials Impact Your Home’s Life Span

  The outside of your home has to take a lot of abuse. No matter what type of materials you have on your home’s exterior, they have to be able to withstand the rough Chicago winters, as well as the hot summer sun and all the various extreme weather events in between. Although all exterior […]


  There’s no more important step when planning a renovation in your home than choosing the right contractor. Whichever contractor you choose to perform the work needs to be a good fit for the project, in addition to being capable and trustworthy. Even if you find a local contractor with a good reputation and excellent […]

Weekly Transformations: Algonquin-Countrylane Red

The homeowners wanted to update the home’s original single pane windows and cedar siding for better comfort and aesthetics.  After several meetings the scope of work drastically changed. The project included new roof, entry doors, new front stoop/sidewalk and portico, overhead garage doors and rear deck replacement. The original plan was to keep the red siding, […]

Weekly Transformation: Arlington Heights, Navajo Beige

After a hailstorm, the owners wanted to utilize the insurance money to update their home while replacing the damaged materials.  Erdmann Exterior Designs helped the homeowners unify the look of their new windows by installing Navajo Beige trim to match the Navajo Beige siding.  The cedar color roof was replaced with CertainTeed ‘Driftwood’ shingles to […]

Weekly Transformations: Naperville, Evening Blue

This Naperville transformation is clear from the outside. But there were a few things that had to be done on the inside to prepare. First we air sealed the attic and installed new insulation. This helps with energy efficiency and air quality. For this type of project we used blown in cellulose. Cellulose is denser […]

Just Get that Leaky Roof Fixed Already

Having a leaky roof is more than just annoying. Ignoring it won’t make it go away either. The National Association of Home Builders suggests getting your roof checked every three years even though a good roof should last a few decades. These are some of the problems a leaky roof can cause. Each one worse than […]

Want a Smooth Running Construction Project?

Let’s be honest we all dream of that perfect home. Maybe you’ve seen those commercials about finding your bliss.  Yeah sure you can try and find the perfect house already completed but chances are you’re going to have work with what you got and remodel. Even with the remodeling option you still might not get […]


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