Winter Remodeling

8 ways to make your home more energy efficient

  Tis the season…for energy efficiency! Before you create your holiday shopping list, read through our energy efficiency tips and check these off your seasonal “To Do” list. Whether you chose to make small changes, or opt for a bigger ticket investment, you’ll be happy with the reduced energy costs throughout the year. Energy Savings […]

Replacement Windows 101: A Primer in Energy Efficiency

  Windows provide our homes with light and ventilation, and visually transform a room; but they can have a negative affect on a home’s energy efficiency. Old windows show their age and lose efficiency after years of contraction during our cold and dry winters, and expansion during hot and humid summers. Age is only one […]


  Now that the New Year has rolled around, you’re probably brimming with an abundance of new goals and possibilities for yourself. Some of those goals may be to exercise more, save money, run a half or full marathon or spend more quality time with your family. That being said, if you’re a homeowner, wouldn’t […]

How Exterior Materials Impact Your Home’s Life Span

  The outside of your home has to take a lot of abuse. No matter what type of materials you have on your home’s exterior, they have to be able to withstand the rough Chicago winters, as well as the hot summer sun and all the various extreme weather events in between. Although all exterior […]

Weekly Transformations: Algonquin-Countrylane Red

The homeowners wanted to update the home’s original single pane windows and cedar siding for better comfort and aesthetics.  After several meetings the scope of work drastically changed. The project included new roof, entry doors, new front stoop/sidewalk and portico, overhead garage doors and rear deck replacement. The original plan was to keep the red siding, […]

How Much are You About to Spend on that Remodel?

Since the world of Pinterest people have been able to visualize their dream homes. But how much is it going to cost you? Anyone can take a pretty picture and tell you that it is worth it. But we want to know about the dollars and cents. We are going to list by cost. Won’t […]

Want a Smooth Running Construction Project?

Let’s be honest we all dream of that perfect home. Maybe you’ve seen those commercials about finding your bliss.  Yeah sure you can try and find the perfect house already completed but chances are you’re going to have work with what you got and remodel. Even with the remodeling option you still might not get […]

Energy Efficiency Tips for Winter

Even though the weather doesn’t feel like it winter is just around the corner. I’m all about chunky knits and wool socks but I’d rather not have to wear them inside my house.  In a perfect world I would keep my home at a balmy 77 degrees…alas that would be expensive AF. A thorough job […]

Ask About Our Warranty

We are so excited to share this new information with you. We are extending our previous five year workmanship warranty to a lifetime workmanship warranty. I know, we are excited too. We want to show our clients that we stand behind our work. But wait…what if we have already completed your project years ago. Don’t […]

Winter is Coming: Fall Home Maintenance

Brr…you can start feeling the nip in the air. Fall officially starts on the 22nd. It is time to start getting your home ready for the rough Chicago winter. If you didn’t catch our blog post last week it was about getting your garden and yard ready for all of that snow ❄️. You can […]


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