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timbertech composite deck railing

TimberTech's composite deck railing products are the ideal choice if you love the look of curved railings and deck designs and Erdmann Exteriors can help you achieve it!

TimberTech Deck Railing Design in Arlington Heights Area

Deck railings are one of the most crucial components of a deck. Railings meet practical structural and safety needs while also defining the look and feel of the deck. Without railings, decks would be little more than flat platforms. Traditionally, railing designs were straight or angled because it was prohibitively expensive to build railing using curved wood. To make matters worse, the curvature made the wood more prone to warping and breakage and replacement would be needed far sooner than expected.

Curves, Curves and More Curves

Curved decks are impressive enough due to their rarity. But TimberTech’s composite curved decks and railings are even more impressive due to the color, quality, and texture of the composite products. A composite deck or railing won’t warp, crack, or splinter, even when set into a curved design! If you have been longing for a unique deck or curved design, composite decking is the answer!


Where can we incorporate curves into your deck? The sky is the limit! We have installed:

  • Curved composite deck railings
  • Curved composite deck boards
  • Rounded staircases
  • Curved steps and multi-level platforms
  • Pool-hugging composite decking and patios

If you are wondering how those stiff composite boards can be curved, you’re not alone. When we first suggest curved designs many customers are surprised and want to know how it’s possible. The simple answer is: through heat and force.

TimberTech composite deck railings and boards can be curved or bent into a desired shape when they are heated up. Once the composite has cooled down, it retains the curved shape. Unfortunately, it’s a tricky process and it can be difficult to get the curve or shape you want while still maintaining the structural integrity of the product, which is why we recommended hiring a professional TimberTech installer, like Erdmann Exteriors, to complete the project. We are proud to be a TimberTech Platinum Contractor, bringing our expertise to homes all over Chicagoland!

Why You'll Love TimberTech Composite Decking

There’s a reason why we only install the TimberTech brand of composite products. Simply put, it’s the best composite decking and composite deck railing product on the market today. TimberTech combines top-quality materials with innovative engineering to produce attractive, natural-looking composite deck and railing products that shrug off Chicagoland’s four seasons of weather extremes and last for literal decades. The products are guaranteed not to warp, crack, or rot thanks to remarkable craftsmanship and product quality.

Here are a few reasons why we love TimberTech for curved decking:

  • Weather-Resistance. The TimberTech PRO line of products are caped on all 4 sides, which provides maximum protection from moisture intrusion, rot, and insects and helps to extend the life of the product.
  • Strong and Durable. TimberTech composites will not warp, break, or crack, even in temperature extremes, making it far superior to wood.
  • Attractive Finishes. TimberTech products are modern and attractive, available in many tones, textures, and wood grain patterns. You will NOT find cheap, plastic-looking composite here!
  • Eco-Friendly. TimberTech PRO contains up to 73% recycled content – including wood and plastic.
  • High-Performance Accessories. Just as accessories make the outfit, they also complete the deck. TimberTech PRO accessories include lighting, rails, fascia, posts, caps, and gates made from the same quality materials and in the same natural colors as the decking boards.
  • Low-Maintenance. TimberTech PRO’s 4-sided mold and mildew-resistant cap design ensures a long-lasting deck that does not require sanding, staining, sealing, or painting. A simple hose down will keep the deck looking fresh and clean.
  • 30-Year Limited Warranty. One of the reasons we are so proud to install TimberTech composite decking is due to its generous warranty. TimberTech PRO has a 30-Year Limited Product Warranty and a 30-Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty. These warranties are significantly longer than traditional composite warranties.

Put Erdmann Exteriors' Experience to Work for You


Curved decking and deck railings will elevate your deck to the next level, giving it a custom, unique look that will impress your guests and have you running your hands over the composite deck railing every chance you get. When you consider that the decking is also low-maintenance, long-lasting and attractive, there is no reason not to contact Erdmann Exteriors to explore your curved composite decking options!

Erdmann Exteriors & Construction has been providing custom decking solutions since 1982. Our reputation for quality is built on our dedication to the customer experience, supported by our expert staff and top-quality materials like TimberTech composites.

Here’s what you can expect from Erdmann Exteriors:

  • Free on-site consultations
  • Highly skilled, knowledgeable professionals
  • The highest quality of products
  • Exceptional craftsmanship on every job
  • Unmatched level of personal service
  • Custom deck designs that complement your home’s style, color, and setting
  • Local, community-focused and family-owned company
  • Years of experience in the Chicagoland area

If you are ready for a new deck, contact Erdmann Exteriors & Construction today at 1-847-357-9607 or request a consultation online. We would love to discuss your custom or curved deck ideas with you!

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