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When it comes to home improvement, it is true that siding is often overlooked, and not considered to be as important as roofs, or windows, for example. Despite this common conception, our team at Erdmann Exteriors affirms siding to be quite important to the structural integrity of your home – that’s why its one of our most prominent services! 

There is no doubt that properly installed siding can reap a number of benefits for homeowners. Siding is your home’s first line of defense against harsh weather and conditions, and can also help improve ventilation in your home. In addition to this, with newly installed siding, homeowners can see improved curb appeal and resale value. Our experienced team works with James Hardie Fiber Cement siding, so homeowners can relax knowing that their homes are made all the more durable with our siding installation.

If you are a Des Plaines homeowner with an interest in replacing your siding, Erdmann Exteriors is the right choice for you! Our team is ready to assist you and bring your home’s appearance and performance to the next level! Persist through the harsh Illinois weather and armor your home with an excellent siding job done by the experts at Erdmann Exteriors.

Remodeling Services in Des Plaines, IL

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Siding Services in Des Plaines, IL

Erdmann Exteriors is happy to provide siding installation to homeowners in Addison, Illinois. Siding maintenance is often overlooked, however, it is one of the most important pieces of your home’s exterior. We would argue that there are a number of benefits that quality siding can bring to the table – for both you and your home.

To begin, properly installed siding can protect your home from nuisances such as harsh weather and pests (namely bugs and rodents). The energy efficiency of your home, also, can weigh on the shoulders of your siding. Finally, siding can make simply make your home shine! Homeowners who invest in high quality siding can enjoy increased curb appeal, along with heightened resale value!

If you are a homeowner in Addison, IL looking to replace your home’s siding, our team is happy to offer our James Hardie Fiber Cement installation services. Erdmann continues to work with James Hardie, one of the most popular siding brands out there. For years, the Hardie brand has provided a durable, long-lasting, and versatile siding material to both homeowners and contractors. No matter the vibe of your home, it’s more than likely that James Hardie will compliment it well! Erdmann is happy to offer both vinyl siding & cedar wood siding to Addison, IL residents. If you’re interested in learning more information about our siding services, give us a call today to get started!

Decking Services in Des Plaines, IL

If you are a Des Plaines, IL homeowner looking to augment your home, then why not consider a deck installed by our expert team at Erdmann Exteriors? 

A new deck is a major addition to your home that can usher in a whirl of possibilities for you and your family. Decks make for an outdoor space where you can enjoy quality time with friends and family, including additional space for tables, chairs, and even grilling stations. For homeowners, decks are both useful and enjoyable all year round, so why not consider having a deck installed by our expert team? 

Here at Erdmann Exteriors, we use a wide variety of decking materials for you to choose from – whether you favor durability or appearance – we definitely have the decking materials you’re looking for! 

If you’re looking for a quality decking job, then reach out to us at Erdmann Exteriors to get started. One way or another, a new deck will add so much benefit to your home!