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Reasons for Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is where your day begins. Don’t you deserve to enjoy the luxury of an expertly updated bathroom?

What do you do when this vital space is embarrassingly outdated, or unsafe because of mold and mildew buildup, or you just want a change? The time has come for a remodel! But bathroom remodeling can be tricky. The combination of several fixtures in a small space with the need for expert plumbing calls for professional bathroom remodeling contractors like those at Erdmann. Doing the job right requires a sizable investment into your bathroom, but these reasons confirm why this is important:

  • Your powder room is so out-of-date that you’re embarrassed to have guests use it.
  • The sight of your old, ugly fixtures makes you unhappy every time you enter the bathroom.
  • Major plumbing problems mean you’re going to have to spend a lot of money just maintaining the status quo; this is the perfect opportunity for a complete remodel.
  • The growth of mold and mildew is becoming a big problem. If you’re going to tear out walls, why not upgrade the entire bathroom at the same time?
  • Bathroom remodeling makes your home look more modern, enhancing its desirability and increasing the value of your property.

Latest Bathroom Renovation Styles and Trends

The professional Bathroom Contractors at Erdmann know which styles are trending, and we know how to fit bathroom design and function into your family’s lifestyle. Whether you are planning to redo your powder room or remodel the master bath, we are here to turn your dreams into reality — and give you the bathroom you deserve.

Here are a few general ideas we recommend for a successful bathroom remodel:

  • Make the room seem larger by installing a “floating” vanity that opens a space between the floor and the bottom of the vanity.
  • Add a backsplash — or even an entire wall — of sparkling glass tile to provide glamour, interest and a touch of color.
  • Pamper yourself with radiant floor heating that lets you step out of a shower and directly onto a warm floor.
  • Install heated towel bars and wrap yourself in warmth.
  • Consider a frameless glass shower door to add a touch of luxury and to accommodate aging family members.
  • Celebrate your shower with his-and-her showerheads, handheld showerheads, body sprays and a steam generator that lets you enjoy the spa experience at home.
  • If space permits, add a chair or bench so you towel off in comfort or simply sit for a while; plus, the cushions add color and ambiance. A shower seat is also a lush feature.
  • Install a deep, freestanding soaking tub. Luxuriate with soothing whirlpool action, or enjoy a long, lazy bubble bath.
  • Brighten your bathroom with judiciously placed windows, skylights and beautiful light fixtures.
  • Add a sound system so your bathroom becomes a relaxing sanctuary at the end of a busy day.

Don’t forget storage! A new bathroom can quickly get overrun with the family’s cosmetics, hair dryers and other grooming products. Here are a few ideas to keep your bathroom beautiful and uncluttered:

  • Mix open and closed storage to add interest. Frosted glass doors break up a solid cabinet while concealing your bathroom gear.
  • Wall shelves not only accentuate your décor, but they also add storage by utilizing space that might otherwise be unused.



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