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Does your home’s exterior look like it needs repair or restoration, especially from a trusted, local, and qualified team? Locally-based Erdmann Exteriors is here to help your home be the best that it can be. We offer excellent siding, roofing, and window installation/replacement for homeowners in Northfield, IL. We have proudly served our hometown of Arlington Heights in addition to towns and cities throughout the Chicagoland area. To learn more about how we can help you, simply read below for more information, or give us a call at 847-916-0308 to speak with a member of our team. You can also request a free estimate through by clicking the button below. We look forward to accomplishing great things for your home’s exterior!

Remodeling Services in Northfield, IL

See the remodeling services that we offer homeowners in Northfield:

Siding Services in Northfield, IL

Contrary to popular belief, siding isn’t there just to make your home look good. In fact, there are a number of practical benefits that you can enjoy from having strong and durable siding installed for your home. For one, siding is your home’s first line of defense against the weather and elements, and can go a long way in keeping your home’s interior protected and comfortable. In addition to this, siding can be visually attractive, which helps to increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value. If you notice that damage or deterioration has taken place on your home’s siding – you’ll want to act fast to resolve any problems before they get worse. Here at Erdmann Exteriors, our team understands the importance of siding, which is why our team works carefully with industry-leading materials to make sure that each and every siding project is a success for our clients. Since our establishment as a company, we’ve completed countless siding-related projects for homeowners across the Chicagoland area, and there’s no doubt that we can fulfill your siding goals. If you’re interested in learning more about our siding services, simply call our team at 847-916-0308 or submit a contact form to learn more information. Our team is looking forward to taking your call and to achieving great siding results for your home!

Roofing Services in Northfield, IL

The importance of the roof can be easy to understate. For one, your roof is a beacon of protection for your home, as it helps to keep everything from rain and snow to branches and twigs from making their way into your home. As a homeowner, there are few things as valuable for your peace of mind than having an efficient and functional roofing system. With such importance to your home, when you notice problems with your roof, you’ll want to make the proper repairs. If this is the case for your home in Northfield, let our team at Erdmann Exteriors take care of it. We have years of experience working on roofs in towns and cities throughout Chicagoland. Interested in restoring your roof to its highest potential? Look no further than our experienced team here at Erdmann Exteriors. Get started today by giving us a call at 847-916-0308 or submit a contact form to us and we’ll get back to you! You may also click the button below to request your complimentary estimate on your roofing project. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Services in Northfield, IL

What home would be complete without windows? The presence of strong, durable, and properly-installed windows can bring a number of benefits to the table, and simply make your home a better place to live. If you notice significant damage or deterioration happening to your windows, our team at Erdmann Exteriors can do the work in restoring, repairing, or replacing compromised windows. Interested in learning more about how we can help you? Just call us at  or submit a contact form to get started today. We hope to hear from you and get started replacing your home’s windows!