Backyard Gazebos & Cabanas

Backyard Gazebos & Cabanas For The Ultimate Oasis

Backyard gazebos and cabanas are the perfect choice if you love to spend time in your yard regardless of the weather. Decks and porches are great…in perfect weather. But what about those warm, but rainy spring days, lovely summer evenings that are full of mosquitoes, or crisp and blustery fall days? A protected area like a gazebo or cabana will have you outside enjoying the day regardless of the weather.

Designing and installing gazebos and cabanas is a growing part of Erdmann Exteriors’ outdoor living space design services as homeowners seek ways to improve their backyards, create outdoor living space, or add a touch of privacy to their yards. Since each project is custom, we are limited only by your creativity! Here are some ideas of backyard gazebos and cabanas to jump-start your imagination!

Traditional Gazebos

There’s a reason we still love gazebos. Traditionally standalone, 6- or 8-sided, wooden, screened-in and steeply roofed structures, gazebos have provided outdoor access and privacy for generations. They can be large or small, depending on space constraints and today’s modern styles often have electricity so you can add ceiling fans, electric heaters or lights and spend even more time in your own private retreat. Our gazebo designs are best described as eclectic. We have installed traditional gazebos as well as modern styles in unique shapes and built with low-maintenance materials. Traditional gazebos are sited away from the home to enhance that feeling of oasis or retreat, but don’t let that dictate where you place your new gazebo or cabana! We can make just about any site work!

Covered Cabanas

When you picture a cabana, you likely picture a thatched-roof lean-to surrounded by a warm, tropical beach; the perfect place to seek relief from the sun or sudden cloudbursts. Now, picture that right in your own backyard! A covered cabana is an open-sided structure that provides shade. We skip the thatched roofing here in northern Illinois, instead using canvas roofs or home roofing materials. Cabanas are the perfect complement to a backyard swimming pool or patio or to protect your outdoor kitchen or bar. We can add electricity to include lighting, ceiling fans, or an outdoor refrigerator and make it even more useful. Rain will never ruin your party ever again!

Deck Extensions

Many people are upgrading their decks by adding gazebos. This is the ideal solution if you want a gazebo but are limited on space or if you want to maintain all of your hardscape in the same area. It’s also an easy way to move the party “inside” yet stay outside when the mosquitos start to bite or the neighbors get a little too nosy. Our gazebos are attractive extensions of decks and can be designed to complement your home’s style and color.

A Quiet Retreat

How about a gazebo or cabana just to get away from it all? How many of us wish we had a private retreat in our homes? If that’s not possible, think outside and add a gazebo! Tucked away in a quiet corner of the yard, a standalone gazebo or cabana can be your own private space. Landscape it with your favorite scented plants or calming scents like lavender or chamomile, head out there with a book or take your morning cup of coffee out there and relax! Add an outdoor sofa, loveseat, or rocker and you’ve got the perfect place for a summertime catnap!

 Kids Hideaways

Are your kids begging you for a playhouse? Yes, playhouses are fun, but they’re expensive and before you know it, the kids have outgrown it! For the same price or less, you can add a gazebo that can be changed and adapted as your kids grow. Go from a toddler’s “castle” to a teenage retreat to a casual space for conversations with your adult child. They’ll enjoy having their own private space and you’ll love that they are outside getting some fresh air!


Explore More Outdoor Living Space Design Possibilities With Erdmann Exteriors

Backyard gazebos & cabanas are a great way to create an outdoor hideaway. If you wish you could spend more time in your backyard, a gazebo or cabana can help make your wish come true! The outdoor living space design consultants at Erdmann Exteriors have decades of experience helping Chicagoland homeowners design private backyard retreats that are comfortable, private, and bring the outdoors in!

Erdmann Exteriors & Construction has been providing custom outdoor solutions since 1982. We take great pride in our reputation for quality and customer satisfaction and work closely with every homeowner on every project to bring their ideas to life.

Here’s what you can expect from Erdmann Exteriors:

  • Free on-site consultations
  • Highly skilled, knowledgeable professionals
  • The highest quality of products
  • Exceptional craftsmanship on every job
  • Unmatched level of personal service
  • Custom outdoor designs that complement your home’s style, color, and setting
  • Local, community-focused and family-owned company
  • Years of experience in the Chicagoland area

If you would like to add a gazebo or cabana to your backyard or want to explore other outdoor living space design ideas, contact Erdmann Exteriors & Construction today at 1-847-357-9607 or request a consultation online. We would love to help transform your backyard into the private oasis you deserve!



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