Outdoor Kitchens

The only thing better than summer in the Windy City is spending the summer in your own private outdoor space where you can make the most of the warm weather


Outdoor Kitchen Design & Construction

Erdmann Exteriors specializes in creating custom outdoor kitchens in Chicago that set you up for premium entertaining and enjoyment. Work with our talented outdoor kitchen contractors in Chicago, and you can create beautiful, custom outdoor spaces with your choice of amenities. Imagine hosting your next backyard barbecue alongside an outdoor grill, refrigerator, prep areas and sink. With the right outdoor kitchen plans, you’ll be able to welcome friends over for dinner on the patio or deck with a built-in kitchen that sets you up with everything you need.


Anyone who loves spending time outside will see the appeal of a private outdoor kitchen space. Extending the livable space of your home into an outdoor oasis provides several benefits, such as:

Homes with beautifully designed outdoor kitchens are often more marketable because of their outdoor features. In other words, adding an outdoor kitchen space is an investment with potential for a high rate of return. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home anytime soon, increasing resale value is always a plus.

Adding an outdoor kitchen means having another place to prepare food — and one that keeps heat, smoke, and smells outside and away from the house. During the hot summer months, this can be a huge asset and one that you’ll love using regularly.

One of the best parts of an outdoor kitchen is how it expands the space where you can welcome guests for dinner parties and celebrations. You and your friends can enjoy the fresh air alongside freshly prepared food made in your outdoor kitchen.

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