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Erdmann Exteriors porch contractors have built porches of all shapes and sizes throughout the Chicago suburbs. We pride ourselves on our no-surprises construction process and high-level of customer service. This combination of professionalism and construction expertise puts homeowners at ease and ensure they love their new porch


Erdmann Exteriors Chicagoland Porch Contractors

Porches add living space and character to homes and provide a transition from inside to outside. Covered and screened in porches offer shelter from the sun and rain while still allowing fresh air to flow through the area. When homeowners decide to add or replace porches to their Chicagoland home, they know they can trust their project to Erdmann Exteriors & Construction.

Porch Designs for Every Home

If your home has never had a porch before you may be having trouble trying to visualize where it will go and what it will look like. Don’t worry, we are here to help! Every project starts off with a free, on-site consultation. We’ll come out and take a look at the property, discuss your ideas, provide our own experienced opinion and show you examples of porches we have installed in the past. Together, we’ll come up with a porch design that meets your needs and enhances your home’s exterior.

Our porch contractors have installed all types of porches. Each porch is custom-designed to meet the homeowner’s needs, while taking into account site considerations and the home’s design.

Open Porches & Struxures
Similar to a patio, open porches create a welcoming oasis for homeowners and their guests. They are a great option if you have a detached garage and want to create a space that connects the home and garage or if you have room in the backyard, but no need for a deck. Built-in seating adds to functionality and railings helps define porch boundaries.
Covered Porches
Covered porches do not have walls, but they do have roofs, which typically abut and mimic the home’s existing roof. There are no walls, but railings can be added, much like a deck, and the porches do provide protection from the sun and rain. Slatted “ceilings” are a popular alternative, providing some shade but not full sun protection. Vining plants can be trained up the supports to create a “green” ceiling.
Screened-in Porches
Screened-in porches can increase your use of the porch by making it possible to sit out there in warm, but inconvenient weather. Think spring storm, an evening full of summer mosquitos, or a blustery fall day. Screened-in porch installation will provide you with a covered area and some side protection without the cost of adding a three-or four-season room to the home.
Three- or Four-Season Rooms
Three- and four-season rooms are the ultimate in outdoor living space. Both can be added to just about any home. Both feature an enclosed area with three walls of windows. Four-season rooms are better insulated and have windows that provide less thermal transference; they might also have a heating system, allowing you to use the room even in winter. Three-season rooms are closer in design to screened-in porches, with the added benefit of glass and screen windows, allowing you to use them even when you wouldn’t want to be sitting out on a screened-in porch.
Roofing Options
There are many porch roofing options. Gable roofs, flat roofs, sloped roofs, and open framework “green” roofs are all possible. The best porch roof is one that will match the style of your home and divert water away from the home. Our porch contactors will explore all possible options with you to ensure your new porch roof enhances your home’s exterior.
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