TimberTech Decking in Palatine, IL

TimberTech Decking in Palatine, IL

A gorgeous recreation space

Our team at Erdmann Exteriors recently replaced the deck on this Palatine, IL home. The homeowners reached out to us looking for a while to breathe new life into their home’s exterior. They wanted to construct a beautiful recreation space for their home’s exterior, and our team was happy to assist!

We met with the homeowners at their property to discuss our decking options. Our team has a wide variety of replacement options for homeowners to choose from, and we spent some time discussing their options. After a bit of deliberation, the homeowners decided on installing new TimberTech decking for their home’s exterior.

The homeowners decided that TimberTech offered both the durability that they wanted out of the decking system in order to minimize maintenance, but also the curb appeal that beautiful decking can provide. They elected to install brown decking boards, along with white trim on the railings to create a nice contrast between the two elements.

The new deck looks great, and the homeowners were thrilled with the finished installation! If you’re interested in seeing more from the project, take a look at our gallery below for more information, and reach out to our team at Erdmann Exteriors today for your exterior remodeling & deck installation needs!